This Can't be Right

  morddwyd 19:17 20 May 2012

The new leader of Fife Council doesn't even live in the county!

In order to qualify he gave his address as the football club, in Fife, where he works.

Now this is perfectly legal, but surely it can't be right?

While you could stretch a point and say that councillors only need to work, not live in the county, but you'd think the leader might take up residence.

  Woolwell 19:39 20 May 2012

Until recently we had in my area a councillor who used to live in the area but then moved some distance away to work but still remained a councillor.

  spuds 19:42 20 May 2012

One of our county council councillor's moved to France and attempted to do his council work from there, mostly by internet, but eventually was convinced that he should resign.

Took some doing though!.

  Forum Editor 00:31 21 May 2012

"'d think the leader might take up residence."

I'm not sure why the fact that this man lives a few yards outside the Fife boundary would have any adverse effect on his ability to do the job, despite the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Brett questioning his morals.

It all sounds pretty petty to me.

  Condom 01:22 21 May 2012

My Chairman was leader of West Sussex County Council for some years but lived in East Sussex. Nothing new here but I think the rules at the time suggested he should live in the County he stood for.

  Chegs ®™ 03:05 21 May 2012

It all sounds pretty petty to me.

I agree with the FE,but as Local Politics often degenerates into pettyness I'm not surprised.

  zzzz999 05:30 21 May 2012

I don't think the libdems should be complaining about anyone's morality with regard to elections

  morddwyd 07:28 21 May 2012

"I'm not sure why the fact that this man lives a few yards outside the Fife boundary would have any adverse effect on his ability to do the job,"

I'm not suggesting it would. I'm quite sure many Fife Council workers live outside the county, just as I lived outside Dundee when I worked for Dundee College, but if the other county is so attractive, why not stand for office there?

The Leader of a Cabinet should live in the area the Cabinet is covering, whether that Cabinet is in Downing Street or Fife Hose. Don't think we'd accept a Prime Minister who permanently lived in France (or a First Minister who lived in England!).

  WhiteTruckMan 09:07 21 May 2012

Well I dont see its about pettiness. If this person (genuinely) lived in the exact centre of the area that would be fine, but if they lived in the middle of the Australian bush it wouldnt be. So somewhere between the two must lie the boundary of acceptability, beyond which should be a no go. And if someone is just over the line then they are still over the line. Like only just speeding, or a little bit pregnant..


  morddwyd 20:09 21 May 2012

"And, as you said, it is legal."

So was using taxpayers' money to clean the moat, and to buy a duck house.

That doesn't make it right though.

  Forum Editor 00:09 22 May 2012

I find it hard to believe that anybody is seriously proposing that there's something 'wrong' about this man living a few yards the other side of a boundary line.

There are times when one sees someone struggling to find a single valid reason for raising an objection about something in the first place,and this is one of them. I suggest that you consider abandoning your leaky boat of an argument immediately, and retire with the hope we'll all forget you ever suggested that this 'can't be right'.

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