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  mike40 09:05 11 Feb 2010

Thought somebody would like to read this response from Canon - Thank you for your email regarding your Canon CanoScan D1250U2F Scanner.

Be advised that it is with great regret that I must inform you that we have not and we will not be developing drivers that would allow your scanner to be interfaced with a PC on which the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System is installed. In short, your scanner is not compatible with the OS installed on your PC. Conformation of this can be found by navigating to the link below.

click here

I appreciate that this must be disappointing for you, but should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone number below ensuring to quote your Canon Helpdesk ticket number noted in the subject line above. Alternatively, you can reply directly to this email by navigating to the link below.

Best regards,

Seán Paul Murray - Canon Support Centre
Tel.: 0844 369 0100 Select option 2

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When you consider how much we are fed in relation to the so called global warming that I have to put my perfectly serviceable scanner onto the land fill site just because canon cannont be bothered to produce drivers for it does seem a bit ludicrous. Well. I will be replacing it but certainly not with canon.

  MAJ 10:21 11 Feb 2010

"....that I have to put my perfectly serviceable scanner onto the land fill site....."

No you don't have to do that. Give it to someone who has neither a scanner nor Win 7.

  mike40 10:28 11 Feb 2010

Yes that is true and it is what I will probably finish up doing. I was just making the point that had canon produced drivers then I would not have to invest in another scanner. I suppose it is called built in obsolescence

  MAJ 10:36 11 Feb 2010

I know what you mean, mike40, it can be a nuisance. Have you tried the Vista drivers yet, sometimes they work on Win 7, maybe try in compatibility mode as well?

  mike40 10:44 11 Feb 2010


Yes I did try that but they would not load up at all. I was really having a whinge but my printer is also getting on a bit so it may be an ideal time to replace it with an all in one.



  TopCat® 15:21 11 Feb 2010

they are "working with the device manufacturer to confirm this product’s compatibility." click here so I should hang on to the scanner for a little longer.

Driver compatibility is one of my main concerns about upgrading so I've bought myself Windows7 Professional for my next computer. This version has a compatibility option for Windows XP built in. TC.

  HondaMan 15:33 11 Feb 2010

XP built in.

Yes, but it's not perfect by any means.

I have installed Lotus Organiser in a virtual PC and have had a number of problems. I thought at first it was working OK, but not so. It's still useable and much better than outlook, but by no means perfect.

  TopCat® 21:31 11 Feb 2010

Hopefully, problems like yours will be fixed when the first service pack for Win7 appears. I can bide my time as I'm in no rush to get a new computer just yet. TC.

  mike40 08:38 12 Feb 2010


My scanner was the only problem with updating to win7 and having read the page at your link before doing so I went ahead. That was in January. I kept checking with the canon website and as nothing was forthcoming I emailed them so you can imagine my thoughts after getting their reply. I won't get rid of it for a while in the hope that drivers may be available. I understand that even with Win 7 home premium you can download the XP compatibility program for free. It is a massive download and requires at lot of disk space so I haven't bothered since I only had the one incompatibility problem. Having had a good whinge I would add that I do like win7 very much and certainly recommend it as it is a great improvement on XP.

Many thanks for all


  robin_x 01:38 16 Feb 2010

Funny you should mention this Mike. I just had exactly same problem with my Lexmark X-74 All-in-One.

Latest drivers were XP and that was that (in spite of Googling high and low for a solution).

so..........(swearing never to buy Lex again)..

I just bought a Canon MP250 All-in-One lol

Only £35. It seems pretty good actually.
It is noisy when it girds its loins at the start of printing though.
Can hear it downstairs from upstairs.

  robin_x 01:42 16 Feb 2010

Not wireless (USB only)

Wireless ones were £70-100+ I think??

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