Cannot track international post by Royal Mail?

  rickf 09:33 04 Aug 2014

I have a registered trackable parcel coming by from Dublin. Got the tracking no. but can't track it since it left Dublin. Does anyone know how I can track by Royal mail. I understand there is a reciprocal service. Thanks.

  rickf 10:07 04 Aug 2014

Yeah, really disappointing. Next time I would insist on independent couriers like UPS etc.,

  spuds 17:24 04 Aug 2014

"Does anyone know how I can track by Royal mail."

You could contact Royal Mail customer services for an answer, and by doing so you might get the answer, or perhaps getting further confused.

I had an item sent for next day signed delivery with tracking. Checked and found the item had been collected, then no more information. Left it for a couple of days, thinking that the tracking system had failed, and that was the reason for no updates.

Contacted Royal Mail and was informed the item had been delivered. Asked why it was not showing on the tracking, and when it was delivered, and due to 'Data Protection' they could not tell me. Apparently the address the item was suppose to have been delivered to, had changed location, and the item had been re-directed. And on that basis Royal Mail customer service could not disclose the whereabouts of the item, except to confirm "it had been delivered"?.

  rickf 21:51 04 Aug 2014

"Royal" Mail is pretty useless by and large for tracked deliveries. System is sometimes updated as delivered when it has not arrived. This happened to me on a number of occasions. I called them twice about this when I was expecting expensive items on those occasions and they said it was about to be delivered as the driver was around the corner. I realized then that it was about 5 mins to one which was the dateline for the guaranteed delivery. They obviously did this to protect themselves from claims. The customer service person I talked had no answer to my challenge and said they do this almost as a matter of course and agreed with me that it was unethical and downright dishonest.

  Forum Editor 23:03 04 Aug 2014

"Dont't you love it when firms use the 'Data Protection' card whenever they cannot be bothered to take the time to give you a proper answer."

It can be irritating, but data protection is extremely important, and data controllers have to be very careful - the Information Commissioner has the power to impose financial penalties of up to half a million pounds for serious breaches of the law.

That's the reason that you sometimes get what you call the 'data protection card' being played. The data protection legislation is there for a purpose.

  rickf 14:53 05 Aug 2014

Nevertheless, it is being played as an out to answering legitimate enquiries.

  rickf 14:54 05 Aug 2014

Nevertheless, it is being played as an out to answering legitimate enquiries.

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