Canada trip

  Chas49 16:38 02 Oct 2008

Anyone on this forum taken a holiday in the Toronto area of Canada and have personally experienced travel by bus to the local cities?

Infornation on this would be most welcome.

  Forum Editor 19:20 02 Oct 2008

but not on holiday, and not much intercity bus-riding was involved, so I'm afraid I'm not much use, other than being able to get you back to the top of the page for a while.

Good luck.

  Chas49 19:40 02 Oct 2008

FE: Thanks.

I found a page showing the Hamilton Bus Routes and maps. One thing has become very apparent - Hamilton covers a far larger area than I imagined! To expect anyone to have advice on using the buses is a bit much as there are many bus routes, criss crossing the various areas. I would say that a large folding map of the city and /or area would be far more useful. I know in this country - well, the West Midlands area anyway,we do have these maps and they have the bus routes marked on them

I shall have to enquire if such a map can be obtained from Hamilton/Toronto.

  exdragon 20:04 02 Oct 2008

Try the tourist information offices - I've just had one in Napier sort out all my accommodation for 3 weeks in New Zealand plus he's sent me loads of booklets and maps giving information on every area we're staying in ao we can sort out the things we don't want to miss.

If the Canadian ones are half as helpful, you'll be well away!

  sunny staines 11:05 03 Oct 2008

toronto is an excellent place better than NY. the bus service is also good

  Chas49 11:30 03 Oct 2008


You will like NZ - I visited relatives back in 1996 and the impression I got was all good. My relatives live in Ahurie (a part of Napier) - from there I visited Rotorua (easily recognised by the smell! - er, Sulphur smell!) Haka Falls too is worth a visit. If you a car driver then hire a car! I cannot recall seeing a bus in Napier - perhaps that has changed. I did see many elderly british cars, A30's and A30's. Asked why the owners told me that they don't have the harsh winters we have - at least on the northern island.
One thing to watch for! It's a hell of a long flight - mine was split into 4 parts - Manchester to Abbu Dabi,from there to Singapore, to Cairns and then Auckland - 25 hours. The plane was held up at Cairns as someone was claiming Asylum and the plane had to be stripped of all luggage in case he had 'forgotten' something on the plane. I missed my connecting flight to Napier - by that time I was so tired that I didn't know if I was on this earth or Fuller's Earth. Aukland has voluntary workers looking for people in that condition - I was soon spotted and taken to a spot where I could doss down for an hour or two - she then stayed a couple of hours with me to make sure that I was OK - a couple of hours that is after her stint was due to end - very kind people. Surprising how many Brits there are only too willing to swap experiences with you, equally surprising how people, when you speak to them don't run away from you thinking you are some kind of threat. I was there for a very enjoyable four weeks. I had, in the next seat, a lad of some 19 years, he dozed a lot. When he was awake he told me that he had been travelling on planes quite a lot since being taken for a holiday by his parents. He developed a liking for this - he showed me his passport entries. Apparently he was living a nomad like existance. He travels to a destination, gets a job until he has enough cash to repeat the operation ad infinitum. I was envious but realised that, at his age, he could do it - I couldn't <g>. Good luck on your trip, if you can doze on the plane all well and good.

sunny staines:
They do appear to have many buses and many routes, confusing. But then, the West Midlands too have many buses and routes - these are not confusing - to me, as I have travelled many of them using my free pass (best thing since sliced bread). I suppose that the only way you can get over that confusion is to use them. As a challenge that could be interesting in itself.

  spuds 11:51 03 Oct 2008

Greyhound are one of the largest providers,so they no doubt would be able to provide a suitable answer.

Heres a few links
click here
click here
click here

Hope you do not do what some friends of mine did. They liked Canada that much, they remained there, and have never regretted it ;o)

  Chas49 12:28 03 Oct 2008


Thanks for the links.

I too have friends who did that - snap!

Little danger of me following suit - too old and set in my ways to want permanent change - the immigration authorities wouldn't accept me anyway 8-((

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