can you spare £1.5 trillion for a cup of tea guv..

  Grey Goo 00:14 20 Feb 2009

Well it looks like this economy of ours is fast approaching the point where indebtedness is greater than economic output. As output will decline further according to the bean counters then what happens? Does the Government file for bankruptcy or print enough funny money to fill the O2 arena, or perhaps we could twin ourselves with Zimbabwe. It is dificult to remain optomistic in these trying times when it appears to be one step forward and several back all the time.
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  Grey Goo 00:19 20 Feb 2009

Oh and does anybody want to buy a monkey?

  Forum Editor 18:13 20 Feb 2009

all you have to do is remember what a lot of good things we have in this country, and stop allowing ourselves to be further depressed by the constant stream of media people apparently rejoicing in telling us how bad things are.

Our country is a world leader in so many ways, and we should remember that, rather than incessantly whining about our apparent misfortunes. Start thinking that we can emerge from our current situation, rather than wallowing in gloom, and you'll be surprised at how much good you'll see around you. I could take you to places where the people look upon Britain as a paradise beyond their wildest dreams.

We are extremely fortunate to live here, and the sooner we all start to realise that the better. We have a choice - we can all sit around blaming everyone but ourselves,and moaning endlessly about how unfortunate we are, or we can stand up, stir ourselves into action, and climb back out of the hole.

I know which of those two options I'm choosing.

  Grey Goo 00:49 21 Feb 2009

I don't think a lot of people will be rejoicing about a lot of things for a very long time. People are worried about their futures and rightly so, to pour scorn apon others misfortune is frankly shameful. I shall close this thread now as you appear to go rabid every time somebody mentions the current turn of events.

  Cymro. 10:06 21 Feb 2009

I think that FE is perfectly right on this one.
As I have said before on this forum we are much too apt to put our own country down. I doubt if other countries are criticised so much by their own citizens.

We have a lot going for us in this country and I for one would not choose to live in any other country.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:55 21 Feb 2009

that we should blissfully accept what we have without criticism.


  Cymro. 11:49 21 Feb 2009

Yes indeed WTM we should nor accept without criticism but it all the constant bickering and slagging off our own country that get`s me.

I am sure they don`t do it in other countries, well not as much anyway. There is a lot we can be proud of in the UK and a little patriotism for once country is not such a thing.

No wonder the Aussies call us Winging Poms.

  Cymro. 11:51 21 Feb 2009

For not such a thing, read not such a bad thing.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:48 22 Feb 2009

speaking up for your country (UK) will stand a good chance of getting yourself labelled as a racist, or at least censored for fear of offending some minority or other.

Now THATS what I find annoying.


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