Can you remember this song?

  Uboat 15:05 14 Feb 2010

Hi i'm after the name of a classical song that was originaly made by Bach, it was covered by vanessa Mai & i belive it was in the 1970's movie "The Saint" Its a Organ been played with a lovely start that picks speed up up & its about 9 mins long.?

  OTT_B 15:20 14 Feb 2010

Toccata and Fugue

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  Uboat 15:36 14 Feb 2010

Thankyou so much! yes this was the one! BUT in this form..

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  OTT_B 16:36 14 Feb 2010


I dread to think how long it must take to clean and retune that organ!

  Grey Goo 17:00 14 Feb 2010

Used in the film "Rollerball"
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  Diemmess 17:49 14 Feb 2010

An alternative spine-tingler for me is
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Toccata by Widor.
If you've never heard it, let the music develop from an average beginning.

Often used in the not too recent past as
recessional music, particularly at weddings.

To get the best of the very deep notes, cathedral organs with huge pipes bring out bass notes which cannot be played by average church organs ...... but who cares with a sound like that on a celebration day.

  Strawballs 23:58 14 Feb 2010

I have the Vanessa Mae version

  Quickbeam 08:13 15 Feb 2010

That organ in the 15:36 post is truly Gothic, it just needed Vincent Price, dramatic lighting and a thunderstorm outside to add some atmosphere:)

  Chris the Ancient 09:36 15 Feb 2010

I certainly agree about that organ. What a machine! Very slightly spoilt by the organist who is slightly imprecise in a couple of places. Here's me criticizing and I can't play one!


I agree about Widor's Toccata. I remember coming out of the Midnight Mass one Christmas in Portsmouth Cathedral and the organist played it. I just had to sit and listen to it; it's a piece I've always enjoyed (so much so that back in the 80's when I used to do wedding videos, I used it as background music in the highlight video of the church service).

  muddypaws 15:49 15 Feb 2010

The pedal work on this by Dr Carol Williams always amazes me.
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  Chris the Ancient 16:06 15 Feb 2010

Dr Carol is incredible!

Perhaps she could be a star in one of these dance-type programmes with footwork like that!

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