Can you read this?

  Kev.Ifty 00:22 09 Nov 2011

I have posted as question to you guys and it has not appeared. The only negative thing I saw was my Title question was not comprehensive enough.

What am I missing?

  IClaudio 00:42 09 Nov 2011

Hmmm, just what I was thinking...

  Kev.Ifty 01:42 09 Nov 2011

Been on here lots of years. Any one want to help?

  morddwyd 08:03 09 Nov 2011

Like wiz-king says, a new thread won't appear if you don't give it a tag.

Another example of the gimmicky "must be like all the others" new site

  johndrew 10:06 09 Nov 2011

Ah yes. But the Tag need have nothing to do with the subject matter of the post.

Perhaps we shall have a huge Tag hit for Rhubarb ;-)

  Aitchbee 20:30 11 Nov 2011 you know what to do are welcome to contribute whatever you think is suitable,you said you have been on this site for years, so what is the problem regarding posting?

  Jameslayer 22:50 12 Nov 2011

oh u need a tag so thats why i cant find my im cursed post.

  Forum Editor 23:08 12 Nov 2011


"Another example of the gimmicky "must be like all the others" new site"

Actually it's a way of speeding up searches for others, which may be why "all the others" use the same system.

  morddwyd 09:06 13 Nov 2011


The idea is good, but the application poor.

As somebody has already pointed out, the tag needs to bear no relation to the subject, some people simply repeat the thread title, and and on most of "the others" tags are optional, not compulsory

  Forum Editor 10:04 13 Nov 2011


We can hardly control what people decide to use as tag words. As for making tagging compulsory, if we didn't do that most people wouldn't tag, and then we would see complaints about slow searching. We have an absolutely huge archive, and tags make searching it a much faster process.

  Quickbeam 10:40 13 Nov 2011

I've just posted one with a repeat of the title as it was the best tag in my mind.

Also when the post tagging first started I was playfully dropping some poor Latin tags in until the headmaster noticed and put a stop to it:)

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