can you make will online.

  bumpkin 21:30 08 Feb 2018

By that I mean can it be done by my solicitors mainly online with some postage of documents back and forth. Of course I could ask them myself but I wonder if anyone here has any comments first.

  Forum Editor 22:08 08 Feb 2018

It's much faster to go and see your solicitor.

  bumpkin 13:37 09 Feb 2018

Thank, I was trying to avoid a long drive but I think you are right. It was just a thought.

  Cymro. 13:41 09 Feb 2018

You can do most things online these days so I am a little surprised that some enterprising young solicitor hasn't come up with a way of making your will in the same way. Perhaps there is an opening here for somebody.

  wee eddie 13:46 09 Feb 2018

The potential disadvantage of creating one online is that you may create one that is impossible, or expensive, to administer.

You also need witnesses. Your Solicitor's Partner, or Secretary, will usually do this

  john bunyan 14:03 09 Feb 2018

If I were you I would write out exactly what you want prior to a meeting. Include what happens if a benificary dies before you- same with executor or executrix. I suggest percentages in some cases rather than fixed amounts e g 50% of the balance to each of my 2 children.., It is hard to remember everything without such a written note. If you have already selected a solicitor, you could send e mails back and forth, leaving the final draft for the meeting.

  wee eddie 14:21 09 Feb 2018

As your Solicitor's time is charged in, say, 10 minute slots.

With a minimum of 1 slot for each interaction/email, the cost of your Will is likely to be considerably cheaper by visiting him/her, with a rough draft in your hand, and doing the whole thing, there and then.

  oresome 14:32 09 Feb 2018

Martin Lewis has an article on will making the other week.

The cut price offers from various on-line organisations ceased at the end of January, but they are usually repeated at intervals. Which? and the Coop were two well known brands that offered a will service on-line.

The completed on-line document is returned and checked over by a solicitor who then phones you to go over any finer points in the case of the Coop before the will is finalised. It can also be stored by the firm for safe keeping.

  Pine Man 16:09 09 Feb 2018

As your Solicitor's time is charged in, say, 10 minute slots.

Most solicitors have a set fee for standard wills nowadays and usually two visits are necessary. The first to set out the will, which is then posted to you (could be email) for any corrections. The second is to confirm all is ok and witnessing of the completed will.

  Govan1x 16:19 09 Feb 2018

Better hurry up in case you are to late. You mentioned making a will in November so maybe do it while you can.

Also you do not need a solicitor to make your will. You can do it yourself as long as you have two witnesses to sign it.

Hope it will not be needed for a long time. Live long and Prosper.

  wee eddie 16:53 09 Feb 2018

Pine man: Yes, that's 20/30 minutes to set it up and 10 minutes, a few days later, to sign the copies

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