Can you Identify This Plant?

  Proclaimer 10:11 09 Jun 2010

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Growing in my garden, it is about 36 inches high, the leaves are about 18 inches long and 4 inches broad.

Lots of little thorns on the Spine, Stalk and Top of each leaf. The leaves form a 'cup' where they join the stalk and this gathers water.

More than that I don't know.


  Bingalau 10:22 09 Jun 2010

I've never seen anything like that before, it looks a little on the dangerous side to me too. Even a scratch from a rose plays hell with my tender skin????

  sunnystaines 10:24 09 Jun 2010

might be a tobacco plant.

  Brumas 10:37 09 Jun 2010

Looks like a Teasel to me, but I'm no David Bellamy!!

  Brumas 13:08 09 Jun 2010

We have them growing along the burn at the bottom of our garden and we enjoy watching the goldfinches eating the seeds from the dry heads.

  bjh 13:19 09 Jun 2010

I'd say teasel. The pockets of water are interesting, as the plant can gain nutrients from dead insects that drown in them. Not as exciting to watch as a Venus Fly Trap or sundew, but still a neat trick. They are getting rarer nowadays (carder's Teasel has curved spines, and was widely grown for teasing wool thread... I suspect that's where the name comes from, but I don't know that)

It's a lovely plant, and well worth growing if you have some space.

  Proclaimer 13:43 09 Jun 2010

I think I will let it grow more and see what it does then.

Thanks for the ID.

  bjh 17:44 09 Jun 2010

Oh, also a great wildlife-supporter.. bees (bumble in particular) love it and, when ripe, the seedhead is a feast for birds.

It's a biennial - so it's unlikely to flower in the first year. It'll probably die after flowering, so keep some seed if you want a repeat.

Add a photo to this thread.... in fifteen months time!

Happy gardening!

  Forum Editor 23:49 09 Jun 2010

when I was quite young, and seeing her using dried teasel seed heads to comb out the wool of Angora rabbits before spinning it for making into clothes.

She said the teasels were better than anything else for the job.

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