Can you help with a little problem.

  Sapins 11:07 16 Apr 2017

We have bought a click here is a problem driving in the spike to hold the dryer, after a long period with little rain the ground is very hard even though it absorbs water extremely quickly, at the moment I am pouring water into a small area to soften it up but it is still won't accept the spike which I am trying to drive in with the help of a block of wood and a hammer, what else can I do to resolve this?


  oresome 11:42 16 Apr 2017

I'd find something else in the garage I could use to start the hole and wasn't afraid of damaging. Don't just drive it in though because you won't be able to remove it. Knock it in a little and wiggle it about to open up the hole.

Likely objects would be a shaped piece of hardwood or a steel bar.

  Southern born 11:45 16 Apr 2017

See if any of your friends in the building trade have a cold chisel and lump hammer that you can borrow.

Hammer the cold chisel into the earth but keep turning it or it is likely to jam.

It should have "fractured" the earth around the hole and when when you pull it out you can fill the hole it has made with water a few times.

  Southern born 11:46 16 Apr 2017


Sorry, I seem to have given the same advice as you - I think that we wwere both typing at the same time.

  Belatucadrus 11:53 16 Apr 2017

Having recently put in some wooden fence posts with a sledge hammer I sympathise,( three more to go and I'm not looking forward to it ) I do however wonder if you've found some underground obstruction like a brick or a rock. Have you tried relocating it ?

  bumpkin 12:02 16 Apr 2017

You may well be hitting something as suggested. If you happen to have anything with a slightly larger diameter put a piece of that in the ground as a sleeve then fitting or removing the dryer will be easy in future.

  Aitchbee 12:14 16 Apr 2017

You should get a ground anchor like this one from LIDL.

click here

  oresome 12:17 16 Apr 2017

I used a piece of kitchen sink waste pipe as a sleeve for the reason bumpkin suggests. I had the opposite problem with softish ground and the sleeve was concreted in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 16 Apr 2017

Do you have a hole saw you can mount into an electric drill?

  Sapins 12:24 16 Apr 2017

I don't think there is an obstruction as I can push a small diameter steel rod in. I have a cold chisel and a lump hammer so I will try that. Maybe more soaking will be the answer!

  HondaMan 16:36 16 Apr 2017

Simple solution: Get a MUCH bigger hammer. Works every time. You might need a Kango to get it out though!

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