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can you burn shop bought dvd to hard drive.

  mrgrumpy 12:15 21 Nov 2019

First a note to FE if you think my question may infringe copyright or encourage people to break the law please feel free to delete the question I wont spit my dummy out.

Ok so this is what I want to do , I have a lot of shop bought films that my wife don't like so I never get chance to watch them. I want to be able to put a dvd film into the drawer of my pc and transfer it to my hard drive so I can watch it on my monitor. if this was possible I would be able to watch it without having to keep the disc running in the drawer for the entire length of the film.

I know the following WONT work. You cant drag/drop or copy paste from the dvd drawer icon to a folder.

NOTE if I wanted to pirate a dvd to pass on to somebody else I already have software to do it , you all know the well known program that can do this , as I said I want to somehow want to drag the entire contents to a folder on my pc.

  Flat Earther 16:26 21 Nov 2019

Techadvisor search box > "DVD" > result #3 click here

  x13 17:45 21 Nov 2019

Be very careful with today's Freemake software. Scan the download before use.

  mrgrumpy 17:57 21 Nov 2019

Thanks for help I sorted it but so I don't get into trouble I cant tell you how I did it.

BTW x13 thanks for the warning , that's why I use a spare pc for downloading and testing.

I once reluctantly tried a "free music" download site to replace stolen stuff , everything was ok then on one download a green box filled the screen and the pc died , had that happened on my 3 grand games rig I would not be a happy bunny.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 21 Nov 2019
  Forum Editor 10:04 23 Nov 2019

"I would be able to watch it without having to keep the disc running in the drawer for the entire length of the film."

That's what DVD drives are for - good drives run for many thousands of hours without trouble, and a good quality DVD will last for decades.

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