can we still trust turkey as a NATO member

  sunnystaines 17:02 14 Oct 2014

It has been reluctant to help in the struggle against ISIS

no NATO jets bombing ISIS allowed from turkey

refusing to help refugees, awaiting to gloat over a massacar

even bombing the kurds today.

allowing radicals to cross theuir border to join ISIS

is it time to review their NATO membership. their location is good, but if they cannot be relied upon what use are they.

  bumpkin 18:01 14 Oct 2014

Stuff Turkey.

  kad292 19:29 14 Oct 2014

Given the historic animosity between Turks and Kurd s i can see why they are reluctant plus internally the divisions already caused could explode and then Europe would have a more difficult conflagration right on their border.

Then there is European reluctance to allow them full membership of the Union,and what that would entail for the naysayers,so maybe there is serious bargaining going on that we are unaware of.

  Batch 08:48 15 Oct 2014

You might find this article of interest (from Monday's London Evening Standard) click here

  sunnystaines 11:57 15 Oct 2014

batch good link thanks

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