Can we really blame the Spanish for having a go?

  Cymro. 14:32 01 Apr 2017

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I think it's some time since the subject of Gibraltar last came up on this Forum. So what are we to make of it all now that BREXIT is with us? The UK has said it will stand up for Gibraltar's interests after the territory accused Spain of using Brexit to forward its territorial aims. Can we really blame Spain if it tries to forward its territorial aims regarding Gibraltar. YES! yes! I do know that the people of Gibraltar don't wish to become Spanish citizens but do we really think that Spain should just let go the even the least chance of starting an argument about who owns Gibraltar.

  morddwyd 08:46 03 Apr 2017

"No, they didn't,"

I'm afraid they did. It was the people of England who voted to leave, and since we live in a democracy, and they have the majority, their view prevailed.

As John Major, a "Retainer", said at the time of the referendum, "The Tyranny of the Majority".

We are seeing the inevitable result of government by referendum - there is no "wriggle room", you are committed, as Cameron found out to his cost. No endless debate about what was, or was not, in the manifesto.

It doesn't matter whether there is another independence referendum in Scotland, or a third, fourth or another twenty. No-one in Scotland, in the UK, or in the whole of Europe can be in any doubt that the SNP is in favour of independence, and they will keep pushing for it, no matter what promises about "once in a generation, in twenty years, or even a hundred years" are made, and they will see the result, whichever way it goes, at the ballot box, and surely no-one is naive enough to believe that if it doesn't go their way they will give up, any more than Labour or the Liberal Democrats will!

  john bunyan 09:11 03 Apr 2017


Your last paragraph is spot on. Under a Devo Max arrangement and no Barnett, I suspect their popularity would wane.

  daz60 14:22 03 Apr 2017

Amazing comment by Major,is he implying that a majority vote is not valid because it leads to "tyranny" or is he saying that democracy only works if we are ruled by a 'tyranny of the minority',like under so many government's including his own.

None of this would have been necessary if the men in suits had been truthful at the outset and actually debated and listened to people as opposed to just themselves in the drinking parlours.

  caccy 17:04 03 Apr 2017

Just say to Spain " Remember the Falklands and another Spanish speaking nation"

  wee eddie 19:25 03 Apr 2017

What did Michael Howard say. You imagine that he said that we would go to war, but he actually said that we would treat them with the "Same Resolve" as Margaret Thatcher in the Falklands Debacle.

"Resolve" is a firm attitude of mind, not a declaration of war

  bumpkin 22:32 03 Apr 2017

Perhaps Spain should consider Argentina before being too hasty in their underestimation of the UK.

As I posted earlier.

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