Can we imagine what will replace the Internet?

  wee eddie 13:37 17 Feb 2012

As I worded my previous thread title, rather sloppily, I have reposted with a new title.

For example: At the present, it is an exciting experience to be able to connect, instantly, with people and businesses all over the World, because that was something denied us in the past.

This may become old hat and even unfashionable.

Could permanent Peer Group linkages be the way we go?

  lotvic 14:08 17 Feb 2012

How would each group/individual in the group connect/talk to another person in group or another group?

Still need a means of connection.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:18 17 Feb 2012

"How would each group/individual in the group connect/talk to another person in group or another group?

Still need a means of connection."

Telepathy hats will be the way to go. I'll get onto inventing one right away.

  wee eddie 15:54 17 Feb 2012

I was hoping that there would be other ideas, not just comments on why one that I just grabbed out of the air, wouldn't work.

  interzone55 16:09 17 Feb 2012

wee eddie

Anyone who has a decent idea about what will replace the Internet will be keeping it quiet whilst they perfect it rather than airing it on a public forum...

  Quickbeam 16:29 17 Feb 2012

I predict that the current trends towards retro technogadgetry and green recycling duties will bring us the 'smart pigeon'.

These will have a data implant in the brain and there is plenty of spare airspace to give them the required wingwidth for full and unhindered flight. And for the green bit, when you've collected four and twenty surplus birds, you make a dainty pie fit for a King...

  Forum Editor 17:56 17 Feb 2012

Sometimes you just need to accept that what you have is simply right - that there's no substitute for it.

I think the internet is a case in point. It's now possible (theoretically, at any rate) for one human being to communicate with any other human being, almost anywhere on the planet, within a couple of minutes or so. It's possible for that one human being to send a message to large numbers of other people at the same moment -I'm doing it now.

The internet enables all of us to access vast amounts of information within seconds - we can see more stuff than we will ever need to know; it's all out there.

What will replace it? Nothing - it's 'fit for purpose' as consumer legislation would put it.

  interzone55 17:58 17 Feb 2012

fourm member

I'd like to read that piece on the "dark web", it's something I've been reading about recently - a force for good with it's uses in countries that block much Internet access, and evil with its hidden child pornography groups

  interzone55 20:14 17 Feb 2012

fourm member

Thanks - so that's what bitcoins are for

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