Can we imagine what will replace Broadband?

  wee eddie 14:12 16 Feb 2012

As a Technology, it's well into it's Mature phase and, as yet, has no viable competitors.

Anyone got any bright ideas?

  interzone55 14:26 16 Feb 2012

4G mobile data is probably capable of providing ADSL speeds.

It's being rolled out across the US, and we should get it shortly

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:38 16 Feb 2012

I'm sure that, as the coming years and decades pass, internet services will get faster and faster as new technology is introduced. At what point would one say that it was not broadband anymore but has become something else?

  wee eddie 14:40 16 Feb 2012

Alan: That's still pre-supposing "The Net" as a method of inter-connection

A bit like having a choice of Petrol or Diesel

  Aitchbee 16:21 16 Feb 2012

"Silicon chip inside her head, gets switched to overload..." - Boomtown Rats.

With the advances being made in the fields of NANOTECHNOLOGY & GENETICS, it might, in the near future, be possible to construct and implant, extra sensory 'organs' into the human body.

It might sound a bit like science fiction, but breast implants (for women, who want them), are now common-place.

Brain Chip Implants are the next broadband. (HEADBAND)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 16 Feb 2012

As thoughts can now be read and used to control such things as a wheelchair.

The next step is to broadcast thoughts wirelessly - we are then into something approaching telepathy.

Think then of the drivel we can spread round the planet :0)

  interzone55 19:58 16 Feb 2012

wee eddie

That's still pre-supposing "The Net" as a method of inter-connection

I didn't see any mention of a replacement for "The Net" in your original post, you mentioned Broadband, so I was giving an indication of the next stage.

Broadband is actually a lose description for bandwidth, it's nothing to do with the technology it's connecting to.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:13 17 Feb 2012

Actually, I'm not altogether convinced that data speeds will get all that much faster. And by faster I mean by orders of magnitude. Because of the sharp rise in recent years of numbers and types of devices connected to the net and devouring bandwith in ever larger gulps, I fear the information superhighway will become akin to the real world highways that become ever more crowded (at certain times) as capacity increases.

Or to put it another way, we are faced with the red queens race, where you have to run as fast as you can just to stay on one place.


  rdave13 00:23 17 Feb 2012

I think that 'broadband' will be supplied via satellites in the future. Fibre optics will be for high spec machinery that require high and accurate fast response in the practical world. There will be no telephone cables at all.

  pabby 00:31 17 Feb 2012


already been done. Biggest snag is the ping timings. Because a signal has to be beamed up and then down the delay is horrendous for gamers.

  rdave13 00:56 17 Feb 2012

pabby, at the moment it's been tried but we're talking about the future. Question is, will there be a need for 'ping' timings when future technology might not need it?

Wireless is at its infancy, I believe, and so is technology at bouncing signals off satellites. I still fancy satellites, wireless, over the ancient 'cable' technology.

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