Can we download ordanance survey maps

  ponytail 12:30 10 Jan 2016

As my wife does a lot of walking/rambling she wants to get some ordanance survey maps but as she needs quite a few and they are not cheap we wondered if there was anywhere where we could download them from.

  lotvic 13:01 10 Jan 2016 clickhere make your choices, scroll down to bottom of page and click on 'Next' and fill the form in.

  beynac 13:05 10 Jan 2016

I use the Viewranger app on my phone and tablet: Link

  Quickbeam 13:41 10 Jan 2016

I use Viewranger and Memory Map.

With Viewranger you can buy only the areas you need in 1sq kilometres, or they do very good deals on National Park areas.

My Memory Maps are quite old and bought when you had to buy a whole region on DVD, but are easy to print out a disposable map on A4.

1:50k is very reasonably priced, 1:25K is considerably more expensive. But I haven't bought a paper map for over 10 years.

You can download the Viewranger app to try for free with various free open maps. Try the Open Cycle maps as they have a reasonable ammount of topo information to see if digital mapping suits you.

With Memory Map you have to buy OS or other maps. There are some free sample areas, but you can be sure it'll be an area that you will never want go to!

  Bazzaman 15:54 10 Jan 2016

An alternative that enables one to view and use just a section of a map (which may well be suitable for footpaths etc. for walking) is to use StreetMap

Once on the site, find the location you want, select the map size (large or small) and the zoom level (the detail varies enormously with the zoom level). At the higher zoom levels you can see footpaths, bridleways, tracks, triangulation points, field boundaries etc.

1]: [click here

  Quickbeam 06:18 11 Jan 2016

Memory Map have improved their map trial service since I last visited their site.

  Quickbeam 06:30 11 Jan 2016

If you do take to digital mapping, always carry a power bank with you. Running the phone with the GPS and the compass active and turning the screen on for several minutes to check where you are will run a normal daily charge down in only a few hours!

  cruiser2 15:49 18 Jan 2016

I have several OS maps which I used when I was working. They are at present in a box in the loft. You are welcome to have them if you can contact me.

  Phil Ocifer 08:55 05 Feb 2016

Lotvic – (apart from CSV for spreadsheets) I don’t recognise the file formats OS are supplying on your link. I wondered what use these would be for the average Joe wanting to download OS Maps . . . ?

I have bought two proper (hard copy) Ordnance Survey maps recently and the OS tout their own App which allows you to use the map you just bought via an app on your phone (or tablet). It was either last summer (2015) or 18 months ago I tried it and I must say I was LESS THAN IMPRESSED.

To get the map on screen required an internet connection. To fire up the app required an internet connection. The navigational recording system and route mapping they used was in my opinion totally unintuitive. I gave up and uninstalled.

I considered writing to them to complain, but removed the App and forgot. Not tried it since, perhaps it has improved . . . ? Gone back to Google Maps and Strava.

GoogleMaps allows one to download an area. OK, perhaps it’s not OS standard but with the physical map in hand it’s good enough in an emergency.
Strava records your route using GPS and doesn’t require an internet connection to work although it does require one to show you where you have been (mid walk) and also to save your route. Strava can be (almost) totally closed down whilst recording (Android swipe to the left) but resumes when fired back up and uses minimal power in use.

Other apps eg Map My Walk are available but I haven’t tried them

click here

  lotvic 12:10 05 Feb 2016

Phil Ocifer, I haven't used any d'loaded from OS site so can't comment. Is this any help? Getting started with OS OpenData click here

When you receive your order or download for OS OpenData you will be supplied with either

images (also referred to as raster),

feature outlines (referred to as vector), and

common data formats such as comma separated values (CSV) and ASCII text.

See the sections below for how to work with these formats...

My own preference is to have a paper printed copy and not rely on an Internet connection when out and about :)

  Quickbeam 12:13 05 Feb 2016

On Memory Map and Viewranger, you can download the maps at home.

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