Can we ask them to go now

  Apron 07:43 30 Dec 2006

that the loan is finally paid? Can we at least ask them to 'integrate' and stop being a law unto themselves? Can we have our land back? can the US taxpayer be better served? Or do we still owe them something?

  VoG II 08:07 30 Dec 2006

Several billion $s owing from WW1.

  Forum Editor 08:09 30 Dec 2006

the money we borrowed from America during the last war doesn't give us the right to ask anything of the country. We borrowed money - on better terms than have ever been offered to any country by another nation, ever - and sixty years later we've made the final payment; that's an end to the matter.

What we owe America is perhaps a little recognition of the fact that the country came to our aid when we were effectively bankrupt and in a time of great need. They didn't have to do it, but they did it, and without their support we would have been in very serious trouble.

  Forum Editor 08:35 30 Dec 2006

In addition, we still haven't repaid loans dating from the Napoleonic wars.

  Apron 09:08 30 Dec 2006

I think that perhaps if you spent some time in this village and spoke to the people who lived with the visiting forces you might perhaps come away with a slightly different viewpoint on our obligations.
I'm sorry , posted this on the wrong thread, carry on and I will try to do one thing at a time.

  Forum Editor 09:21 30 Dec 2006

I'm sorry, but I've no idea what you're talking about. What has living with "the visiting forces" got to do with our repayment of a loan? Our obligation was to repay the money, and we've done so.

  Apron 09:38 30 Dec 2006

I can assure you FE that the Pentagon also believes that our obligation covers playing host their WsMD,in my opinion our own are more than enough for one nation, and allowing them to flaunt our planning laws, avoid our legal system, take control of our roads (including residential, two of which they have commandeered requiring the residents to obtain permission to have visitors), and in at least one case literally getting away with murder.

I'm sorry but I have obligations now and I must get started. I will check on this later.

  Forum Editor 09:52 30 Dec 2006

to avoid making allegations such as "at least one case literally getting away with murder." unless you have concrete evidence to back up such a statement - and you haven't.

American service people based in this country are NOT able to avoid our legal system, although of course they'll be subject to US military regulations as well when on an American base. Roads cannot be 'commandeered' without the consent of the local authority and/or the highways authority. The planning laws are administered by the local planning authority, and by the Department for the Environment, and cannot be 'flaunted' without their consent, unless our government acts within its authority to suspend or amend the planning laws in the national or community interest.

I sense that you have a grudge against the American military for some reason, and you've used this loan repayment news to air it here. If you want to talk about specifics by all means do so, but there's not much point in vague and sweeping references to things that may have happened in your village.

  anskyber 09:56 30 Dec 2006

It's rather a different point Apron. If it is in the interests of our own national security then the US on our soil is very welcome.

The uncertainty is whether it is or not and how far our national security extends. Much, for example is made of the need to secure us from conflict hot spots around the world, hence the US "presence" here.

I have my doubts about that point, if we are under threat (and I think we are) its not a battle to be won with conventional warfare.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 30 Dec 2006

I'm totally lost.


  WhiteTruckMan 10:01 30 Dec 2006

anything of anyone. What we dont have the right to do is demand.

And it should also be remembered that we were in that financial predicament because we were literally the last country on earth to stand up to hitler, and had we cut a deal, or gone under (a very real possibility without american intervention) then europe and the rest of the world would look a lot different, as the germans would have had a better chance of knocking off stalins russia.

But even allowing for all that, and just looking at the postwar situation in russia, after the initial good feeling of victory wore off, the americans looked round europe and suddenly realised that they were sending troops home and to the far east, Meanwhile the soviets had 300+ divisions sitting around eastern europe with nothing to do. They realised they needed friends in a hurry. What better way to get them than by using something they had a surplus of (money) thanks to a booming war economy? Far better than keeping all those potential voters, aka troops 'over there'.

Thats not to say that we shouldnt be gratefull, but as for altruism? well put it this way, you will not lose all that often if you bet on America to act in its own self interest.


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