Can no longer pause video ads so goodbye TA

  wiganken2 08:43 19 May 2018

Suddenly this morning I find that clicking on "Pause" on the video ads. causes the ad to go full screen and it cannot be stopped. I have tried to help people many times on these forums but I am not prepared to put up with ads that cannot be paused because they are intrusive. Because of this I will no longer be helping others and will only visit these forums for a few more times to see what responses others post. Sorry TA. You have shot yourselve's in the foot good style this time.

  Pine Man 12:05 19 May 2018

Have you considered that it may be you that's at fault with this and not TA?

Pause works perfectly on all of my computers with different browsers.

  hastelloy 12:11 19 May 2018

Pause works for me too on both Firefox and Chrome.

  bumpkin 12:23 19 May 2018

Try "Adbloc Plus" it works fine for me.

  BT 09:08 20 May 2018

I find the pause on the pop up ad bottom right works ok but AdBlock doesn't stop this one. But the 'X' does close it down, till you change pages.

  Gordon Freeman 09:38 21 May 2018

All a bit over dramatic wiganken2, just find a good ad blocker & you won't have any problems.

  wiganken2 14:27 21 May 2018

I use Firefox and have Adblock Plus installed (and enabled) and usually I am able to block videos but for a couple of days I couldn't. This video ad was scary because there was nothing I could do to stop it except exit the TA webpage and the content was very "dark". A bit like the trailer to a horror film. I have Norton Security installed so I was sure it wasn't an infection and I came to the (perhaps incorrect) conclusion the video ad was embedded by TA which annoyed me no end. Everything seems OK now (I don't know how or why though because I did not do anything to change things) so I will continue to help where and when I can. I still do not know what it was but, surely TA web content can only be put there by TA so perhaps it was TA. In that case others should have seen it too but no one has reported seeing it. A mystery!

  simonjary 08:13 27 May 2018

Which video was this? A TA video at the top of an article page, the video box in the bottom-right corner, a video in the Apster poll box, or a video running in an ad on the side-rail of the page?

The side-rail ad videos are annoying as we can't stop them coming through our ad server. We are trying to isolate the issue.

  wiganken2 08:53 27 May 2018

It was a video at the bottom right and it seemed to be showing at dusk time of day, in a shadowed sepia colour and showed a little girl, maybe 8 years old, standing facing the camera in a dirty white knee length dress, saying something (I had my speakers turned off). I am used to seeing your guys showing phones and tablets or whatever and this did not seem like an ordinary ad/video. As I said earlier it was a bit like a trailer to a horror film. Sorry I can't be more help but I can assure you it did happen.

  simonjary 11:05 27 May 2018

That was a sponsored video (Velux), actually about air quality. You should be able to close that video box using the X in the top right of the unit.

  Teabag. 11:42 27 May 2018

Sorry I cannot see any videos, my browser blocks the lot.

The only thing I have seen in a long while has been the cookie acceptance and that after disabling everything has disappeared.

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