Can The Name Tell You Something About A Company?

  Condom 13:24 01 Jun 2012

This afternoon through my letter box came an invitation from Duff & Phelps to attend a special shareholders meeting of Glasgow Rangers Football Club. Obviously I have been following matters as closely as I can through whatever sources are available to me and it appears that the Administrators are themselves caught up in all sorts of shenanigans themselves.

Anyway as it says the meeting will take no longer than 10 minutes it seemed pointless to spend all that time and money on a trip to Glasgow so I thought I would just take advantage of the enclosed Proxy Form to record my vote but low and behold no enclosed Proxy Form. Duff seems to be about right.

  Aitchbee 14:43 01 Jun 2012

Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) was the top man in 60's TV's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ...after he got his instructions for his team's next mission, a voice message on a little tape-recorder finished off by saying..." this tape will self destruct in ten seconds..."...and it always did!

Rangers have an impossible mission to remain solvent.

  Pine Man 15:32 01 Jun 2012

Many years ago I lived in Brighton where there was an antique dealer called Crook. To make things worse he bought an old police Panda car. He kept the blue and white livery but in the the illuminated roof box he changed the word 'Police' to 'Crook'!

  Condom 15:36 01 Jun 2012

Now why did I think that the first reply to this would come from AitchBee?

You may very well be right as I have a feeling that my shares which were handed down to me from my father will probably be as worthless as the frame I have them in on my wall. Did you type that with a smile on your face whilst polishing your glasses with your green and white hankie? I actually took you for a Clyde supporter as I had visions of your apartment building being built on top of their old ground or am I thinking Third Lanark? Fortunately Ibrox is a listed building so it shouldn't have that fate if the worst comes to the worst.:-)

  Condom 16:24 01 Jun 2012


I now have visions of the Sussex Police running up and down the Lanes shouting "stop crook"

  birdface 16:27 01 Jun 2012
  Condom 16:43 01 Jun 2012


Frightening isn't it. When they were appointed they apparently signed an agreement with White that their fees would only be a maximum of £500,000. Probably now claiming that it was a typo or some white Tippex used by White to alter the amount. It seems the IR were right in not wanting them appointed.

  birdface 17:17 01 Jun 2012

Well looks like I am a shareholder in Dumbarton Football Club.

Found the 1 share that my late father bought a long time ago.

It cost 10 Shillings in those days probably worthless now as they moved grounds many years ago.

Mind you it may be worth more than 1 rangers share.You want to do a swop.

  ams4127 21:32 01 Jun 2012

I bought some shares in Millwall, a few years ago, hoping that they would win promotion to the Premier league.

They have gone down ever since!

  Woolwell 21:32 01 Jun 2012

I hope Rangers do better with the administrators than Plymouth Argyle. There are still disputes running BBC Sport

  Strawballs 21:44 01 Jun 2012

Then there's my local team Portsmouth fairing no better!

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