"Can I See Mt Account, Please?"

  morddwyd 20:00 06 Nov 2016

I am having a long drawn out interchange with Amazon asking if there is any link by which I can see my account, other than "Your Orders", which by mo means shows everything. The sort of thing which is easily available in PayPal or E Bay.

All I keep getting is "We have checked your account and there seems to be no suspicious activity" (I know that, and if my bank statement showed otherwise I would inform security!), "We can assure you the security of your account is intact" or "Please identify which transaction you are suspicious about?"

The latest is "Please telephone so we can discuss these issues with you"!

Al I want to know is whether there is a simple "My Account" link I can use! A simple yes or no would suffice. Perhaps it is all rocket science after all!

  Gordon Freeman 20:11 06 Nov 2016

Open Amazon>'Hello sign-in Your Account>Drop down menu 'select Your Account'...what's difficult?

  Gordon Freeman 20:17 06 Nov 2016

Looks like this: Your Account

  Forum Editor 22:33 06 Nov 2016

Gordon Freeman

You beat me to it.

  morddwyd 08:13 07 Nov 2016

It only shows orders, not full account activity - refunds, account charges and so on.

Log in to PayPal for instance and there is an actual link to "Activity" which shows everything.

I have finally heard back from Amazon this morning, after five e-mails.

They do not offer this facility at present.

Now why couldn't they tell me that on 1 November?

  Belatucadrus 11:39 07 Nov 2016

If you look at the Order details for an order that has been refunded, it does show the refund details in green just under the Grand Total.

I never bothered with Prime so have no idea how or if they show that on your account.

  morddwyd 10:59 08 Nov 2016

It seems it's not just Amazon!

My digital magazine provider,Zinio, has recently changed its reader and I can no longer use it, and I asked PCA if they had another digital provider.

In a reply which for some reason was addressed to my deceased wife, who never read a computer magazine in her life, they said they couldn't find my subscription, and what address was it sent to!

Well if they'd been looking in my wife's name they wouldn't, would they? And the address, perhaps not surprisingly for a digital edition, is the e-mail address they were actually using! In any event, since it is Zinio who actually who actually transmit the magazine can't see that's it's all that relevant.

Perhaps it is rocket science after all to some people!

Just in passing, while the thread is open so to speak, can anyone suggest a digital magazine provider other than Zinio, which as I say, I can no longer use?

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