Can the ghost of Fred Perry...

  Quickbeam 19:09 07 Jul 2013

now sleep easy?

He dun quite well.

1]: [click here

  martd7 19:41 07 Jul 2013

Ive sat and watched it from beginning to end a superb performance from Andy murray,absolute rollercoaster of a game but murray just had that bit extra

well done andy murray

  Aitchbee 19:54 07 Jul 2013

I watched the whole match but was a little peeved when the BEEB rediverted their cameras just when Andy Murray's gold-lettered name as winner of the 2013 men's singles championship was suddenly 'avoided' to show instead the referee collect a badge.

The camera shot of Alex Salmond, who was waving the Scottish saltire just after Andy won, also 'got the chop'. Mr. Salmond was sitting behind the Prime Minister. Not good.

  Aitchbee 20:13 07 Jul 2013

... I quite fancy the idea of an anaconda ice wrap to cool down one's shoulder and neck muscles [in a hurry] ... it must be the new fashion!

Did anybody notice?

  ella33 12:13 11 Jul 2013

It made me laugh to read people discussing online whether it was still ok to wear their Fred Perry shirts when training or coaching! I am sure they are fine!

Great win Andy Murray, I am glad Wimbledon is not full repeated winners as it was a few years ago, which gave tennis a bad name among many. It is good to see players who have worked hard for years, making it to the top. Although it doesn't happen all the time, this was definitely not a 'taken as read' win.... among many people anyway

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