Can ANyone Suggest anything please!

  24/7 15:18 07 Nov 2008

Hi everyone, lastnight all the houses in my street & surrounding area's had multiple power cut's as a result of this our tv isnt working anymore,
when we was watching the tv lastnight it was fine then when the power started to come on then off then on again we asumed the worst but it was fine until we tried to switch it on this morning & there is a huge black line right down the centre of the screen,
ive looking into it & its permantly damaged?? i havent the foggy'est whats happened but the local power supplyer has admit there at fault, Can i claim against them or is it just tuff luck..?
Any suggestions/link's would be greatfull...

  The Brigadier 15:28 07 Nov 2008

Sounds like the TV is dead & the screen is damaged.
How old is the TV, is it still under warranty?
Do you not have surge protectors for spikes/outages?
Take TV to a repairers?
Doubt you can claim for this though.

  Kevscar1 16:38 07 Nov 2008

Make a claim under your House Insurance if it's an expensive TV

  mole44 16:51 07 Nov 2008

go and get a belkin extension lead,there good and come with a warranty to pay for repair/renew.i have them both for tv kit and pc late for you now but peace of mind for later troubles.

  lotvic 17:12 07 Nov 2008

Do you have a link for that extension lead please?
After 24/7's 'bad luck' it made me think I ought to have one just in case.

  canarieslover 18:47 07 Nov 2008

Not cheap but they do have insurance with them. This is just one of the here

  Pineman100 19:18 07 Nov 2008

To quote a good old computing adage: have you switched it off (completely - at the wall) and then back on again?

Leave at least 30 seconds or so between off and on.

It's worth a try.

  24/7 20:07 07 Nov 2008

Hi guys thankx for ALL your support & suggestions,i HAVE to say "Pineman100" was absolutley SpotOn!!! i switched it on then off again & hey presto its great!! thanks Pineman ur ace!!!

  lofty29 09:27 08 Nov 2008

You also have to do this with some of the anti surge protectors in order to get them to reset.

  Pineman100 10:57 08 Nov 2008

First line of defence for any device that contains a microprocessor - switch it off (not just standby - *off*), leave it for a few seconds, then switch it back on again. I reckon it works in more than 50% of cases.

But just one word of advice - make sure your family aren't around when you do it. That way, when they, "Brilliant! You're a genius! How did you do it?", you can reply "I'm afraid it's a bit too technical to explain".


  TopCat® 13:29 08 Nov 2008

I see there's two for sale on eBay at £14.99 plus postage of £4.99. TC.

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