Can anyone recommend a glue?

  WhiteTruckMan 18:51 02 Mar 2013

I'm looking for a glue. It's for my boots. I dont know if I'm just unlucky, but I'm going through rather a lot of them. Typically up to 6 pairs a year, which is odd as I dont walk very far in them, and spend most of the time driving. The usual failure point is where the leather uppers meet the synthetic soles, they just part company. it's a failure of whatever means is used to atach the two rather than the materials themselves.

There is no pattern to which ones go, seems evenly split (no pun intended) between left and right.

I'm fed up with throwing away otherwise ok safety footwear. I've considered a hot glue gun, but I dont think the result would be flexible enough.

Any ideas?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 02 Mar 2013

You need a polyurethane glue, that's what cobblers use.

This might be of interest

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 02 Mar 2013

From your thread title I thought you might have been looking for something to repair "Crumbling road surfaces"


  john bunyan 19:08 02 Mar 2013

WTM At the rate you go through them surely there is a case for a free replacement from the shop on the grounds that the boots are not of satisfactory quality? I seem to remember in USA a company will replace (hiking) boots FOC if they wear out.

  john bunyan 19:09 02 Mar 2013

Here is Doc Marten

Doc marten for life

  Aitchbee 19:15 02 Mar 2013

I purchased a 1.5m x 38mm roll of SUPER SEALING TAPE [made by 3M from LIDL last week cost £3.99] ...'cos i thought it might help fix a slight crack in the sole of my shoe. It's white coloured but can be painted.

It says on package:

can be painted - very high initial adhesion - excellent UV-resistance - high comformability - temperature resistance of +90 c / -40 c - water resistant - for indoors and outdoors.

Might be worth a try if there's a Lidl near you.

  Quickbeam 19:22 02 Mar 2013

Have you tried the rubber band solution?

  WhiteTruckMan 19:22 02 Mar 2013

Perhaps the road surfaces are crumbling under the weight of my size 11's! but I'll study the poly wotsit glue shortly.

Boots have been sourced from various market stalls, of which I cannot remember exact details. Could be partly the problem though.

I like the doc marten thing, but useless unless they are steel toe capped. Besides, I much prefer riggers for working in.


  WhiteTruckMan 19:25 02 Mar 2013

The only footwear I repair with tape is my favourite carpet slippers, and the tried and tested tape of choice for that application is duct tape, much to Mrs WTM's displeasure.

As for rubber bands- what do you think I am? Made of money?


  woodchip 19:35 02 Mar 2013

Why not take them Back, as Warranty is the same as for other goods, they have to be fit for purpose

  Quickbeam 19:38 02 Mar 2013

"The only footwear I repair with tape is my favourite carpet slippers"

Do I take it that all footwear disintegrates on your feet at the rate of a remould on a Ferrari doing a fast lap at Monza...?

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