Can anyone inform me why this is remotely funny

  hssutton 13:11 22 Aug 2017

I'm referring to what as been described as the best Joke at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 'I'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change'

  Aitchbee 22:33 22 Aug 2017

Last of the Summer Wine.

That's one comedy show I avoided when I was a 'kid', now that I am old and more mature I look forward to catchin' up via box-sets from charity shop.

  qwbos 00:17 23 Aug 2017

Going by the comments, there must be a lot of you who, like me, grew up listening to comedy on the old steam radio.

Among my favourites were The Goon Show, Hancock's Half Hour, Beyond Our Ken/Round The Horne, and much later, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. Sadly, after all these years, I'm pretty much still word perfect with the Angus Prune Tune!

On Last of the Summer Wine, I can't really remember much about it first time round other than having a deep dislike of Compo - I've never liked scroungers. I'm still not over-fond of the character, but the brilliance of Cleggy, Foggy, Wally, Truly, Howard, Pearl, Alvin (does anybody else think Nora's character flourished in the time she had with Alvin?), Wesley and Edie Pegden, Barry and Glenda, Stan and Ivy and many others outweighed some of the characters that wouldn't have been missed, most notably Tom and Hobdyke.

I'm still watching the reruns of reruns of reruns on Drama. First time round the reruns, I couldn't get to like Blamire. Then I watched again, and discovered what I'd missed.

  BT 08:46 23 Aug 2017

Like most of the rest of you I like the 'OLD' comedy shows. Most of those already mentioned, plus Dad's Army is probably my favourite. Never did find Tommy Cooper funny.

Of the more modern ones I didn't find The Office funny, just stupid, as is a lot of modern so called comedy. I've yet to find anyone who will admit to liking it or finding it funny, despite all the plaudits it gets.

  qwbos 09:10 23 Aug 2017

The one current comedian I find funny is Peter Kay. But then he's pretty old fashioned, and much of his humour is observational.

I hear "Its spitting" very time my cursed wipers decide that one spit represents rain.

  LastChip 11:02 23 Aug 2017

I had the pleasure of seeing Tommy Cooper live and he was hilarious. He had the whole audience in stitches even before he came on stage, by using a microphone off stage and pretending he was locked in his dressing room.

I think without exception, we all didn't stop laughing until the end of the show. He was brilliant and not a swear word was uttered throughout.

Modern comedy by comparison, leaves me cold. Constant swearing and reference to certain parts of the anatomy seems to be a poor substitute for clever manipulation of words, or observance of behaviour.

The best thing that can be said about the best joke winner was it didn't involve swearing.

We simply don't have any writers that I can think of at present, that can compare to Ronnie Barker (for instance), who was a master at word manipulation, Eric Morecambe was another. Clever comedy writing is becoming a lost art.

  Belatucadrus 11:46 23 Aug 2017

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