Can Anybody Remember The Last Football Fixing Scandal?

  Bing.alau 12:30 05 Feb 2013

I know it was a long time ago, but because it affected two teams which I followed Everton and Portsmouth (Sheffield Wednesday players were the main culprits) I can remember it well.

But poor old Portsmouth suffered the most I think, because their goalkeeper was one of if not the worst offender. He was in a position to take bribes and in my opinion he did so. Portsmouth went down in to the second division from the first (Now the Premiership) in that season. I don't think they ever recovered from that loss of takings. Funnily enough there seems to be no mention of his involvement in the scandal, so maybe it was just the way I felt about some of the goals I saw him let in (deliberately in my opinion) I know I always blamed him for Portsmouth's demise.

Prior to that particular scandal Portsmouth was one of the outstanding teams of the first division. My team Everton had the ringleader Jimmy Gauld if I remember correctly, I think Tony Kaye had just been transferred to Everton or from Everton to Sheffield Wednesday. both excellent players who had no need to behave as they did. What gets in to these people? I know they didn't get paid astronomical sums like today's players but they were better off than most people. They certainly didn't need the money.

The present scandal looks to be much more serious and I bet the media is doing its best to ferret out which teams and players in this country are/were involved.

  Aitchbee 13:03 05 Feb 2013

I am convinced that the Glasgow Celtic football players always try to score 4 goals against all of their weaker opponents in the Scottish Premier League, which always gives odds of 16/1 at most bookies, ie. a score of 4-0 or 4-1. A one in ten occurence would give a generous return!

  Bing.alau 13:13 05 Feb 2013

Premiership results sometimes seem to be fixed to me. Teams at the top of the league dropping points to teams near the bottom, happens too frequently in my opinion. I often wonder do managers who are friendly with each other have anything to do with it.

  fourm member 13:24 05 Feb 2013

I'll begin with an apology to Aitchbee because I'm not picking on him but I don't think there is any doubt that gambling is, sooner or later, going to destroy all sport.

Already, in cricket, what should be the unalloyed thrill of a dramatic result against the form is tempered by the nagging doubt that it might not be a fair outcome.

No sportsman is perfect. They all make stupid errors at times. What a pity for football fans if they have to wonder whether a stupid error is, in fact, the player concerned making some big money.

  Forum Editor 15:00 05 Feb 2013

"I bet the media is doing its best to ferret out which teams and players in this country are/were involved."

I would imagine that the ferreting has been going on for some time. Football is riddled with corruption, it's been an open secret for years.

  Al94 15:15 05 Feb 2013

With the possible exception of rugby, I think most of the major sports have been implicated in this way.

  Quickbeam 15:44 05 Feb 2013


  john bunyan 09:43 06 Feb 2013

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