Can anybody recommend a good book or three? (Kindle).

  Bing.alau 13:04 20 Mar 2013

I am looking for something in the same vein as Neville Norway Schute used to write. I have read all his books and wish he were still writing. But I also like other styles of writing and one I can recommend to others is one I have recently finished "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared" by Jonasson Jonas. The title put me off at first, but I enjoyed the history lesson and the crime. I also enjoyed the Lawrence Block "Hit Man" series and the Stieg Larsson "Girl" books.

Also has anybody changed over to the Kindle Paperwhite gadget yet? If so how do pictures and maps appear on it? Are they clear enough to see? It would be nice if Kindle could upgrade my keyboard model to a paperwhite job.

  Woolwell 13:15 20 Mar 2013

If you like Stieg Larsson then try the Jo Nesbo, Harry Hole series, set in Norway. A bit gruesome in places and worthwhile reading in order.

Ian Rankine is good.

You may also like Douglas Reeman's Blackwood saga starting with Badge of Glory about Royal Marines from 1850 to WW1.

  Bing.alau 13:19 20 Mar 2013


Thanks for the quick reply. I have read most of Douglas Reeman's books years ago of course and enjoyed them. I like Hornblower too of course. I will have a look at the Jo Nesbo books. Sound good to me. I will also check Ian Rankine. Thanks again.

  Brumas 14:43 20 Mar 2013

Bingalau I suppose you have tried click here, my daughter tells me they have a Book Corner and Book Bazaar on it, from which she bought a couple of books for friend's from their recommendations?

  csqwared 15:19 20 Mar 2013


From the brief list you have given it seems you enjoy 'action' novels so perhaps you might like a change??

Anything by James A. Michener I find a good read, although normally quite hefty tomes. I was particularly intrigued by "The Source" (if I remember rightly over 900 pages in the copy I had.) Don't know if these will be in the Kindle library though, that's a closed book to me. ;-))

  john bunyan 16:11 20 Mar 2013


I am sure you know Wilbur Smith? I am re - reading some of his; worth reading the "Courtney" books in sequence of publication as they follow generations. NB I read in the Sunday paper he had 2 unsuccessful marriages, then a good one but was widowed. He is now worth over £100 million. I wonder what attracted his new, young, Thai bride?


Kindle, Wilbur Smith

  hastelloy 16:12 20 Mar 2013

I've been working my way through the Kindle best seller list. I read the synopsis and, if I'm still interested, I download the free sample. On a couple of occasions that is as far as I've gone but I usually can't resist buying the book. I've had a good variety of reads and haven't been disappointed yet.

  chub_tor 16:12 20 Mar 2013

Once you get into Ian Rankin you will be hooked by the character of Rebus (at least I am). My two favourite authors are Peter James and Robert Goddard both write some intriguing tales and I have just started with Peter May - set in the Isle of Lewis and very raw Scottish tales. If I want a little bit of humour in a novel I go for Harlan Coben (American) and I have read every single John Irving novel but he can be weird and dark (think The World according to Garp).

I am not a fan of Clive Cussler or James Patterson although I understand their appeal but I am a great fan of Lee Child and the Jack Reacher series.

  caccy 16:21 20 Mar 2013

If you enjoy the Hornblower series then try Bernard Cornwalls' various series.i.e. Sharpe.

Con Iggoulden is another historic novelist who tends to follow factual themes. Both thoroughly absorbing authors if you are into historical novels.

  Bing.alau 16:53 20 Mar 2013

Many thanks to Brumas; csquared; jb; chub_tor; marvin42 Woolwell and caccy for suggestions which I am collating at the moment, Of course I have read Sharpes adventure stories many years ago,I think I have probably seen Rebus on TV or am I mistaken? Anyway I will look for these authors in Kindle books and grab one or two to be going on with... Thanks again for all suggestions and all future suggestions.

  Woolwell 17:05 20 Mar 2013

I find that the Bolitho series are as good as if not better than Hornblower. Written by Douglas Reeman but using the pen name Alexander Kent.

The Bolitho books and Rebus books need to be read in order especially the Bolitho ones.

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