Can anybody help me building my pc? I'm stuck

  guile 18:34 08 Aug 2014

Need some advice please

  guile 18:35 08 Aug 2014

Not sure which cables connect to the power supply.

  guile 20:03 08 Aug 2014

It the power supply to the graphics card. The graphics card has a 6 & 8 pin connection which is what I have on 1 end of the cables that I have, but I have 2 of them and there are two 6 pci-e connections on the power supply. Now, do I use just One cable or both?

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:21 08 Aug 2014

You will need to use both power connections on the graphics card and the 8 pin connection will require a corresponding 8 pin connection on the power supply and an 8 pin cable.

  guile 20:38 08 Aug 2014

so use all 14 pins on the graphics card to one 8 pin on the power supply

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:43 08 Aug 2014

No, each connection on the graphics card must be separately connected to the power supply, otherwise the card will not be supplied with sufficient power.

  guile 20:46 08 Aug 2014

Right, so an 8 pin from the power to the 8pins on the graphics card and then another 8 pin from the psu to the 6 pins on the graphics card

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