Campbell a Saint or Sinner

  jakimo 13:48 07 Feb 2010

Did Alistair Campbell the master of spin,nearly came to tears and try to prove he had a heart after all when speaking in defense of Tony Blair,or was this an Oscar nomination performanance...When being interviewed by Andrew Marr

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  Forum Editor 13:55 07 Feb 2010

There's absolutely no way that you, or me, or anyone else can tell.

  johndrew 14:02 07 Feb 2010

He does claim to be a "media guru" so perhaps he is polishing his acting skills as well in an attempt to raise them to the level of his "spin speed".

It is however well known that crocodiles are supposed to cry over their prey so ...........

  natdoor 16:19 07 Feb 2010

How can a seemingly intelligent person like Andrew Marr assert that Tony Blair's decision to declare war on Iraq cost 600,000 live? Is it not generally recognised that the US would have gone to war alone, if necessary. And does anyone believe that there would have been fewer deaths had that happened. Of course, the loss of life of UK combatants is a terrible tragedy and T.B. bears the responsibilty for that. Even so, the number killed was fewer than in the Falkland War, which was seen as a triumph because of the outcome but was precipitated by naval defence cuts.

  morddwyd 18:46 07 Feb 2010

Sorry, I may be a cynic but all I saw was a very skilful attempt to gain thinking time and to shorten the interview.

  bremner 19:20 07 Feb 2010

From everything I have seen and read of Campbell makes me believe that nothing he does or says has not been considered to the nth degreee before hand.

  peter99co 21:32 07 Feb 2010

I had to turn the thing off. Sickening.

  johndrew 11:01 08 Feb 2010

Could it also be that the question made him realise he had been found out and seeing his past start to "unravel" tried to forestall any further questions which may cause a recall to Chilcot`s presence?

  jack 11:22 08 Feb 2010

Wrote F/E
As will all media/showbiz interviewees on such shows I always say to my self
Is this the real you- or just an act to push a point of view.
It is for all of them- the sole reason they are in the 'hot seat'

  jakimo 13:07 08 Feb 2010

Keeping Campbell's past history in mind I would say it was a well rehearsed act of self pity in that he had made the wrong decision in supporting Blair over the Iraq war.

Emotions and politics don't wash with the public unless they come from a person known for their sincerity

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:11 08 Feb 2010

Seems to be an outbreak of blubbering people on television recently.


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