Cameron, slip or slight?

  bri-an 08:31 22 Jul 2010

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"We were the junior partner in 1940 when we were fighting the Nazis."

As the US only entered the war in 1941, this seems a bit of a daft thing to say, or is he going to be 'closer' than Tony was to the President, and wanting to flatter his host?

  morddwyd 08:35 22 Jul 2010

Probably a slip (me, defending Cameron??) but it was a damn silly one and he won't be allowed to forget it for a day or so.

  jack 09:05 22 Jul 2010

Those of us old enough to have lived through that period have it burned into our memory, a 40 something born half a century after, is not going to perfect in the minutia of the period, not that is unless they were history graduates, and possibly not e ven then if they were, speaking off topic so to speak.
I can get a little peeved ,when those with little better to do than criticize pick up on such spurious detail- after all -as a 40 something my self- nearly 40 years ago I could not put my finger in the precise detail of who was with who in 1914.
Anyway by 1940 - was not lend lease well under way?
Perhaps we were not entirely alone - even if the U.S.'s entry was nearly 2 years hence.

  peter99co 09:24 22 Jul 2010

It is the second time he has used the words Junior Partners in the last few days and it would have been a slip. I think he was talking finance the first time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:32 22 Jul 2010

It has to be said that after Dunkirk the UK was in full retreat. It is highly unlikely that we would have been able to push forward had it not been for a huge amount of help. Junior partners, maybe not but we were in a dark, dark, solitary place as anyone can read from Churchill's' excellent memoirs.


  bri-an 09:32 22 Jul 2010

"...possibly lack of knowledge"

But when our elected leader is abroad he is speaking on our behalf and should have been 'guided' in these matters by those who 'should' know, and prepare his knowledge?

  Þ² 09:48 22 Jul 2010

Seems to me that he's doing the usual ass kissing that our PMs do, the biggest ass kisser being TB.

The one thing getting to me is his apparent "hard line" with Europe and now this softy suck up approach in the US.

  Bapou 12:38 22 Jul 2010

Perhaps Mr Cameron should not be following Tony Blair's lead on everything American.

When all is said and done, he doesn't need the money!

  egapup 13:35 22 Jul 2010

Have you forgotten the Battle of Briton??. Alone?? we had Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India.....
The way the yanks go on they think they won it all on thier own.

  T0SH 15:02 22 Jul 2010

From what I have recently witnessed Camerons knowledge on most subjects is on a par with that off former president Bush, but apparently he does not have the same quality of puppeteers that Bush had

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:43 22 Jul 2010

'Have you forgotten the Battle of Briton??.' need to revise your history very carefully and rather strangely, Churchill was of the same opinion as myself...or should that be the other way round. We were in full retreat and very much on our own in the proverbial barbed wire canoe.


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