The Cameron Baby

  morddwyd 07:51 23 Mar 2010

I know I shouldn't, and I'm much too cynical, but I just have this unbidden thought niggling away .....!

No, surely not?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:10 23 Mar 2010

A truly, truly remarkable coincidence, almost spiritual.


  morddwyd 08:35 23 Mar 2010

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there has been a terrible hole in their lives, which they are going some way towards filling.

It's just the timing.

  ulrich 08:39 23 Mar 2010

It won't influence my vote though, I just want to see rid of the lot that are in now.

  Awshum 08:55 23 Mar 2010

Congrats to them!

  Paul-1379466 09:05 23 Mar 2010

It said on the BBC news that the couple were expecting a baby. What else could they expect?

  Awshum 09:22 23 Mar 2010

Exactly anyone can see that they've got pregnant because they want another baby and must do it now as they are both around 40, well 38 and 43....

And it's not just her, babies fathered by men in their mid 40s, and older, are at higher risk of congenital defects.

It really is their last chance before the odds are stacked against them, he was quoted in 2008 saying he was wanting another baby.

  Awshum 09:24 23 Mar 2010

" It said on the BBC news that the couple were expecting a baby. What else could they expect?"

My wife and I expect a lot of things like the kids behaving, dry weather, a lottery win and so much more.

  Paul-1379466 11:19 23 Mar 2010

Awshum you need to re-evaluate your life's expectations. You have more chance of being struck by lightening or taken away by aliens from Andromida than any of the things you expect. ;-)

Today my main expectation is I get the washing dry outside before a rapidly moving band of rain moving east gets here. I know someone knows that & will speed the rain band up at just the right time to bog my day up.

  Awshum 12:42 23 Mar 2010

The kids where good this morning, the sky is clear today and I won £2 on a scratchcard yesterday. Life is good! I'm now hoping for an easy shift at work this afternoon but I doubt it, I'm expecting the opposite. Lol

  folsom 12:44 23 Mar 2010

yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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