folsom 22:08 11 May 2010

Lets see how long the honeymoon lasts with this guy..........

  mr simon 23:20 11 May 2010

I'm not sure anyone would describe it as a honeymoon. How many people, before the election, were hoping for a Tory/L.D coalition? They may have the man they want in No.10 but no one knows for sure what the next few months are going to hold.

  ella33 23:28 11 May 2010

Well he looked far too pleased with himself and I am generally not a PM knocker! I thought gordon Brown's final speech was more like the old Gordon Brown, before he was PM and Cameron's speech just wasn't a good start! I hope I am proved wrong?

  mr simon 03:08 12 May 2010

Woe betide the day when we judge politicians by their words rather than their actions. It was just a speech.

  morddwyd 07:55 12 May 2010

Sorry, but image is everything these days.

I think he looks like a car salesman, and about as trustworthy!

Time will tell.

We need a bit of gravitas.

It was the thin edge of the wedge when prime ministers gave up wearing wing collars.

  Quickbeam 08:21 12 May 2010

...and frocked coats.

  Quickbeam 08:38 12 May 2010

"Lets see how long the honeymoon lasts with this guy.........."
There won't be one, he's already said we aren't going to like the medicine.

The fact that the LibDems look like getting 5 cabinet seats and about a total of 20 government jobs says he's looking for a few years out of it. He obviously doesn't believe he would win a snap election within 2 years, so he has done something that would tie the two parties for the long run.

If one sinks, they both sink and Labour get government on a plate with a party that will still be squabbling and internally insecure.

  Þ² 08:45 12 May 2010

Maybe that quote attributed to Mervyn King will come true. I suspect that's what Mandy and Alistair Campbell are banking on.

  Þ² 08:48 12 May 2010

the quote....

that who ever wins this election will be out of power for a generation.

I hope it isn't case though, if the tories (and LDs) do a good job of fixing the mess we are in they deserve to stay.

  birdface 09:26 12 May 2010

Well tally Ho old chaps.
I have to go and get the dogs ready for my first hunt.
But give the man a chance he will not stand for any cruelty to any other animals.
Joking aside he may turn out to be a very Good Prime Minister only time will tell.
I think when he said he would like to be as good as M/Thatcher before the election may have resulted in a few lost votes.
Election promise was that he was going to crack down on unions and strikes.
So he has just timed it nice to stop the B/Airway strike.
lets hope so.
A little birdie just told me that it was in the news this morning that one of the first things he is going to do is stop the winter heating Allowance that should go down well with the poor and the pensioners.
So far just hearsay on my part but maybe someone can confirm it.

  birdface 09:55 12 May 2010

Thinking about it is there is no possible way any decisions like that could possibly be made so soon.
So I would imagine that they were talking about the lib Dems decision to stop winter fuel payments for those under the age of 65 if they were elected.
We will just have to sit back and wait and see what cuts that they will make.
I am sure most of them will be unpopular.
But when needs must.!

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