Camera Battery Life

  Quickbeam 11:33 06 Dec 2010

I've just sent for a second spare Energizer OLS1 equivalent for an Olympus BLS1 on account of the one that I bought last February lasts about 50 longer than the OEM one from Olympus. The specs are the same, 7.2V 1150 mAh.

Has anyone else experienced the original batteries being a bit of a letdown?

  hssutton 12:09 06 Dec 2010

The Canon Lithium-Ion LP-E6 battery on my Canon camera give me approx 1400 shots per charge, so will not bother with third party ones. I have two of these in my camera. The biggest problem ios remembering to do a recharge.

  Quickbeam 12:14 06 Dec 2010

I do wonder if the OEM one was substandard from new, I've always found the original Sony/Minolta ones to be better than the third party ones.

  spuds 13:35 06 Dec 2010

Strange really, because they do say that some oem products might come from the same production line to that of the originals, identical except for re-badging?.

  PalaeoBill 20:22 06 Dec 2010

Same story with a Nikon D40X. The generic replacement lasts a good deal longer than the original, same spec Li-ion.
Not quite the 50% your getting but a good third more. We were suspicious of the original though as it seems to charge very quickly.

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