Calling the police (Non Em) i wont be doing that!

  tein 09:31 13 Oct 2009

Dissgusted! ive just this morning got my Orange phone bill in! i called the police a couple of weeks ago on there "Non Emergency" number, I reported a youth riding up & down our street on a mini moto bike with no helmet & lights (22:00hrs)

I got through to the call centre but was left waiting for some time so the call ended up been 11mins & 25 seconds, ive looked at my bill & i was charged £2.? this doesnt sound a lot but it should be free! the number i called was "0845 6060222"
IF we are reporting a incident or crime WHY should we be punished with a high charge call cost.?
This needs to be changed!!
I wont be doing that again thats for sure!

  Quickbeam 09:39 13 Oct 2009

Maybe they hope it'll reduce the number of reported crimes and make their figures look better...

  tein 09:49 13 Oct 2009

Quickbeam! the question is: "WHO" gains the money from the calls.? is it just the phone company or are the police racketeering from it.? either way people on PAYG phones will more than think twice about calling them if there low on credit! yes there is 999 but like ive stated i didnt call or need a 999 request!
i feel tricked!
never again! & im not making a mountain out of a molehill i do belive this is dissgusting period.

  OTT_Buzzard 10:24 13 Oct 2009

Did the police actually turn up?

  TonyV 10:33 13 Oct 2009

This silly system the Police use now means you haven't a hope in hell of speaking to the local Police Station. They have these call centres away from where you want it to be and after a couple of attempts to get someone, I eventually hung up. I then complained to the Police about the vacuous system, only to be telephoned by Inspector Someone who actually ran the system here and was full of its praises!!

Like you, I won't be bothering again. What happened to local policing? It went out of the window with the money!!


  lotvic 11:02 13 Oct 2009

Last time I reported an incident the police turned up 3 weeks later. If they had come straight away (within half an hour) they would have caught the perpetrators in the act.

Result was nothing done as was impossible to find them. I was just offered 'Victim Support' (for a damaged fence - well actually it was smashed beyond repair and cost me best part of £500 to get replaced)

  bremner 11:42 13 Oct 2009

It is a scandal - if the largest force can manage with a normal number then so should all the rest.

Take a look at this click here at the end is a list of alternate numbers to 0845

  tein 12:12 13 Oct 2009

OTT_Buzzard When i called them i was sat where i am in my Pc room which overlooks my street If i get out of my chair i can view the full street, so your answer to the question "Did they arrive" NO! is the answer! i watched every car that came & went & i saw no police!? i shut my pc down around 01:20am & the call was made about 22:02pm.? but no one came & i recived no call.?

  octal 13:53 13 Oct 2009

I don't know what you are moaning at? Wait till they locate the call centres in India,

just joking :)

  natdoor 21:41 13 Oct 2009

I believe that 0845 numbers are free on BT. Anyway, SAYNOTO0870 gives a regional number equivalent.

  interzone55 21:49 13 Oct 2009

The only people who earn money from 0845 numbers are the telcos, the police won't get a penny.

The non-geographic numbers, such as 0845, 0345 etc have facilities that are not available on fixed line numbers, this is the reason call centres use them, but there is generally a local number that will get through to the main switchboard, click here

The people you should be complaining to is Orange (along with the other networks) who seem to think it's OK to charge around 20p a minute for these calls when they cost 4p or less to ring from a landline...

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