Call to ban smoking while driving .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  royalflush 01:12 15 May 2007

are we going to far with all this ..? or is it necessary & justified,

i personaly DONT smoke so it dont affect me but think about all the changes weve had whilst driving in the last couple of years:

children under 12 yrs old (I belive) have to now use booster seats ect,

cant use your mobile whilst driving (I agree on this one)

& now not been able to smoke whilst driving..? are we getting smothered with saftey "REGS"

i cant see how smoking can affect your driving unless your aching for the lighter or the packet of them

but then again like i have just said i dont smoke & never had...

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  royalflush 01:13 15 May 2007

upps thats "REACHING" for the lighter

  Jak_1 01:19 15 May 2007

Ludicrous! Will they then want manual gears banned? Radio's banned? Dashboard switches banned? They all mean taking one hand off the wheel in order to carry out their function!

Whoever dreampt up this one needs to see a psychiatrist urgently!

  WhiteTruckMan 02:28 15 May 2007

for every time I've been following a vehicle and seen a still lit cigarette end come flying out of the window.

And another penny for every time I've seen a driver rolling cigarettes while they are driving.

Or even one for smelling the smoke from the vehicle in front.

I also think that the resale value of a used vehicle should be suitably reduced if it has been owned by a smoker

As far as I'm concerned, 'smoker' is merely a usefull one word definition for a selfish, smelly inconsiderate person.


  picklsey 04:33 15 May 2007

here we go again lets get at smokers what utter rubbish to say it,s a distraction.let,s ban children from all transport they are more of a distraction,or just let us ban every thing.i wish i had a penny for every time i was stuck behind a truck wavering over the road whilst he was stuffing his face or on a mobile.i don,t like the smell on my clothes from diesel fumes so lets ban for being selfish i,m the exact opposite smelly no more than truck drivers who are destroying the planet with there discusting smelly cancer causing fuel.inconsiderate as i said before not me.stupid what i,ve put isn,t it but no more stupid than wanting another ban.non smokers you,se have got your pound of flesh with the bans you,s have already got so leave us smokers alone.

  Watchful 06:26 15 May 2007

It's a very good idea not to smoke whilst driving, for obvious reasons, but it would be unenforceable by law I think; just as with mobile phones.

  oresome 08:11 15 May 2007

"any law which is not enforced degrades society overall by reducing respect for the law."

I think you've summed it up nicely. We've a myriad of laws now that are simply disregarded by many and with little or no prospect of being brought to task for it.

  Kate B 08:20 15 May 2007

Sounds like a well-intentioned law but as fourm member says, difficult to enforce. Anything that encourages people to focus on driving rather than yakking on the mobile or sorting out a cigarette sounds like a good idea to me, however difficult it would be to make stick.

  egapup 08:29 15 May 2007

They could make CCTV camera's compulsery in all cars, that way they can watch your every move.....stupid idea? I wonder.

  namtas 08:53 15 May 2007

Many years ago in my days of youth, I was a keen, (if that is the correct word) cigarete smoker, looking back, on a number of occasion I recall potential dangerous situation where the lit end of the cigarette either dropped into the car or its location in or out was not known, without any doubt having a hot ciggearret butt in your lap is not a god idea when driving. Common sense says it ought to have been banned ages ago. I do not subscribe to those that say bad laws that can not be upheld should not be made.

  MichelleC 09:20 15 May 2007

How dare they try and same a few more lives. I recall when they brought in the compulsory law for wearing seatbelts. Where's it all going to end?

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