Caffeine warning to Pregnant Women

  interzone55 12:05 01 Dec 2011

New research as shown the wide variation of coffee strength available on the high street, and pointed out that a single Espresso from some shops can exceed the recommended daily limit of caffeine for pregnant women.

What this research has proved for me, is that my long held belief that Starbucks serve the worlds weakest coffee is well grounded

  Aitchbee 12:19 01 Dec 2011

An expresso response - alan14 - perhaps their coffee beans are not grounded well enough!

  Covergirl 13:19 01 Dec 2011

OK, I realise this thread is about coffee strengths, but this is related - IMHO it's about time they improved standards in the coffee trade.

You can't seem to go into any two different shops and order a named drink (e.g. Americano) and get the same drink in any one of them.

I like a long drink and a big hit so years ago in one particular shop I was advised an Americano which was a double shot of coffee in a cup or mug filled up with hot water or hot or cold milk.

Wherever I go (with some embarrasment) I now have to ask what their Americano consists of.

Get it sorted. Cheers

  interzone55 13:27 01 Dec 2011


Your point is totally valid

Starbucks use a courser grind, so the water passes through more easily, and at the same time it means they can get more shots out of the same amount of beans.

They also use fewer shots in a large drink, Starbucks use two shots in a Venti or whatever they call it, Costa use three.

This is why there's only 51mg of caffeine in a single Espresso in Starbucks and 157mg in a Costa Coffee shot

  Aitchbee 13:34 01 Dec 2011

Starbucks - "They sure don't deliver the punch, that this old head needs".

  morddwyd 21:30 01 Dec 2011

Very good of them to do the research which proves my hypothesis that Costa is a far better cup than Starbucks!

  Forum Editor 23:51 01 Dec 2011

"Costa is a far better cup than Starbucks!"

I can't disagree with that, but when it comes to serving great coffee my outright winner is Cafe Nero.

  morddwyd 10:05 02 Dec 2011

I've not tried that one yet (not too many outlets locally) but I'll certainly give it a go.

Slightly funny story, last time I had a "fasting" appointment at the surgery the receptionist made the usual "How are you today" enquiry.

I replied I was suffering from severe caffeine deprivation.

Not only was there a chorus of sympathy from the whole waiting room, but they took me semi-seriously and got me in quickly!

  Admiral Allstar 20:17 02 Dec 2011

so caffiene is bad for pregnant people - i was always underthe impression that this was so. Quite what is new in this i fail to see.

Oh, i agree that Costa is good, hate starbucks weak dirty water and love cafe nero.

  Aitchbee 20:29 02 Dec 2011

As I have previously mentioned on another recent post, I get a free cup, of nice coffee from my local bookies,table, chair, newspaper,TV,toilet facilities,......heaven!

  wiz-king 20:41 02 Dec 2011

*AitchBEE * I dont think you need to worry.

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