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  Noldi 16:29 29 Oct 2011

Today I went to visit a cafe today in the town centre but was met with a sign "cafe closed due to dishwasher fault". I would have thought on a busy sat they could of washed the dishes by hand or is it now against health and safety rules to do so. Noldi

  Aitchbee 17:21 29 Oct 2011

Someone should open a DISH-O-MATIC shop.Or install some Dishwashers in existing Laundrettes.I suspect Health & Safety would not approve.

  morddwyd 17:38 29 Oct 2011

".I suspect Health & Safety would not approve."


  Aitchbee 17:46 29 Oct 2011

Safety issues concerning the loading and unloading of glass and sharp knives, might be the saying that, such 'dangerous' items could restricted or not allowed at all in the Dishwashers.

  Noldi 19:03 29 Oct 2011

I would have thought with a town full of people you would find a way to do the washing up or maybe the boss was off and the workers fancied a easy time. I won't be going there again I support people who can get over little adversity in life with a bit of common sense. Noldi

  morddwyd 19:10 29 Oct 2011

"such 'dangerous' items could restricted or not allowed at all in the Dishwashers."

Absolute rubbish.

Such items are no more, probably less, dangerous in a dishwasher than being washed by hand.

You are obviously one of these people who wish to see all normal activities banned on H&S grounds.

The hazards of sharps and breakages during cleaning in catering premises are well known and documented, and there are many approved and accepted control measures which may be applied, from large five star hotels to the ladies (not sexist, it's always the ladies!) washing up after the tea interval at the local cricket club.

Before shouting "Ban it!" I suggest you do even a cursory risk assessment, or would that slow down the popular bandwagon on which so many people want to jump?

  Aitchbee 19:21 29 Oct 2011

You are obviously one of these people who wish to see all normal activities banned on H&S grounds.

No I am not one of those people - morrdwyd.

I agree with Noldi - perhaps had the cafe a backup of plasic plates and cups, cutlery, they could have kept open till normal dishwashing activity resumed.

wiz-king - that accident was in my mind when I posted my safety precaution.

  morddwyd 19:37 29 Oct 2011

The temperature in even a domestic dishwasher is much higher that human skin can tolerate, and while lower temperatures are acceptable in a domestic environment it is quite possible that the local Environmental Health Department (Local Authority, not Health and Safety) have made it a condition of the licence that dishes, and in some cases utensils. though many places still operate a "tin room", are washed at a certain temperature, virtually sterilised, between uses.

Before using plastic/paper dishes and cutlery you would need to have proper disposal arrangements in place, including vermin proof storage facilities to keep them in (separate from other rubbish in these days of recycling) until they are collected.

In most areas commercial premises pay to have their rubbish collected, and the amount they pay depends on the type of rubbish.

No-one is going to pay for a contract for food contaminated plastic disposal on the off chance the dishwasher breaks down.

  Aitchbee 20:00 29 Oct 2011

I have been to an 'upper-class' Indian restaurant and also to a well-known pub chain and observed that the plates were not clean. I have not been back to those premises.

I would say that 'you can not trust the cleanliness of anybody outside your home'. - AITCHBEE

  Aitchbee 20:53 29 Oct 2011

wiz-king, I really cleaned a 'batch' of everything by boiling up ten full kettles of water and steeping everything for an hour, along with washing-up liquid, of course.I was rewarded, unexpectantly,to find that my blocked-up sinuses were 'licked', by the steam overload.

  Aitchbee 21:09 29 Oct 2011

In some blocks of flats, communal, clothes, washing machines are still working well in the suburbs of Glasgow.Dishwashing facilities could be factored in , no problem. Each tennant is given an 'hourly slot' to do their wash.This is the 'Big Society'.

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