Cable Theft

  interzone55 13:01 26 Oct 2011

We hear on an almost daily basis stories of trains being delayed, or phones being cut off because some scrotes have stolen a few hundred yards of high voltage cable, worth £50 scrap, but costing thousands to replace.

Recently there's been talk of legislation to try to stop these thefts, but I'm not sure what anyone can do when scrap yards are advertising "Cash for Cable" on big banners.

I didn't believe my eyes the first time I saw the sign, and didn't have my camera ready when we drove back past it yesterday, but there's a scrap yard on the A460 in Cannock Chase with just such a sign.

  amonra 15:00 26 Oct 2011

You'll never stop the thieving of lead off the roof, or copper wire from poles, but you can police the scrap-metal dealers yards and make sure they have issued invoices for their stock. At present it's far too easy for them to say "bought it from the back of a van". But there again, the law says it hasn't got the resources. They are far too busy booking motorists !

  Aitchbee 15:39 26 Oct 2011

I heard on the radio yesterday, that catalytic converters in the exhaust systems of cars and other vehicles, are the latest 'easy money' for metal thieves.The converters contain precious metals like platinum, gold and palladium.

  SparkyJack 15:44 26 Oct 2011

Whilst on a walk in the country side with a group of others recently was passed through a farm yard- where between two barns was an area covered with piles of neatly coiled lengths of multi cored cable with the BT emboss on the black outer.

We pondered this but, as we were on a footpath away from road and no sat nav to be able to pin point the location we passed on by.

  QuizMan 15:52 26 Oct 2011

Aitchbee - sounds like good news. My car isn't worth much, but I can sell my catalytic converter for a profit, perhaps.

  daz60 19:42 26 Oct 2011

I thought this was about Vince cable,my mistake.

  interzone55 19:54 26 Oct 2011


I'm willing to bet that it's nothing but scarmongering, there is platinum in a catalytic converter, but not more than a few pence worth - really not worth the effort

  Aitchbee 06:51 27 Oct 2011

alan14 -

The BBC have highlighted the rise in this type of metal theft recently. It is a fact.

  Quickbeam 08:39 27 Oct 2011

The scrap metal dealers are as corrupt as a nun with a bun in the oven, it very much a cash for scrap trade, no questions asked and probably the best way to clamp down on it is to send the excise men in the trawl the paper records and put the frighteners on the dealers and sellers. There is a massive tax evasion going on in the scrap metal trade and always has been.

  BT 09:00 27 Oct 2011

there is platinum in a catalytic converter, but not more than a few pence worth - really not worth the effort

Not so sure about that. I was in my local tyre/exhaust place recently and the chap in front was offered his old catalytic converter, as according to the fitter it was worth selling it. A search around on Google suggests a price of about £50 for scrap.

  Aitchbee 10:52 27 Oct 2011

fourm member - you said, this morning, "Cable theft has always gone on. When I worked in that industry we would often get dodgy characters...."

What industry did you use to work in? Are you one of those dodgy characters? Show us your metal...

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