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A Cabinet row about Brexit?

  Dunk 11:37 09 Jul 2020

Liz Truss is reported to be questioning her own colleagues about whether Brexit can work - are we sleepwalking into a 1st Jan 2021 crisis? I'm off to stock up my Brexit larder!!

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  alanrwood 12:44 09 Jul 2020

Very interesting indeed. A dose of reality for Boris.

  bremner 12:49 09 Jul 2020

The author is the TUC advisor on economics and taxation whose ideas on taxation were taken up by Jeremy Corbin.

  alanrwood 12:54 09 Jul 2020

Does that matter when the origin of the argument is from a Tory minister.

  Dunk 14:02 09 Jul 2020

It's very concerning that we seem to be hearing very little about any discussions with the EU about the impending cliff edge - a bit ominous considering this latest news from Truss.

A hard Brexit in December, on top of what is looking very likely will be a continuing Covid crisis will no doubt mean a lot worse economic situation than either one of them alone.

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  Quickbeam 15:29 09 Jul 2020

Too late on your second end of June deadline link Dunk, we've nailed our knickers to the mast and we're past having any control to take back control of anything from wherever we think we lost it.

We'll get what we're given and I doubt anyone will like it.

  Dunk 16:19 09 Jul 2020


Yes, I agree, we'll get what we're given ( and noises coming out of the EU negotiators are not encouraging!) - but our great Leader, Dom, is bound to have a plan, surely?

However, as I said, I'm well into stocking up my nuclear hideout with supplies, in anticipation.

  john bunyan 17:15 09 Jul 2020


On this issue I fully agree with you.

  Dunk 20:05 09 Jul 2020

john bunyan "On this issue I fully agree with you."

Try not to be too concerned about that, john, I'm sure it will not be long before we can find a topic to continue disagreeing about !!

  john bunyan 20:19 09 Jul 2020


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