cabin crew vote to strike again

  peter99co 14:53 28 Mar 2011

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The vote opens the possibility of strikes over Easter, although union sources have previously played down the prospect of any April walk-out.

The ballot was a re-run of an invalid vote held before Christmas.

Here we go again.

The dispute started in November 2009

  Woolwell 16:22 28 Mar 2011

BA state all long haul flights will run. Due to go from Heathrow by BA end May so I hope there aren't any problems then.

  amonra 16:37 28 Mar 2011

I thought we had thousands of people on the list waiting for jobs. Cant the union see further than their own egos ? Nobody wins with a strike.

  wids001 16:54 28 Mar 2011

Of course this time BA will have a problem getting the strike ruled illegal on the basis of "a few" ballot papers sent to the wrong people, following the recent ruling in the law courts.

  Cymro. 17:47 28 Mar 2011

This is the sort of thread that brings out those who are always against any worker going on strike no matter what the circumstances. People will say just how hard up the employers are, how foolish such action is etc. etc. Has it not occurred to you that the workers already know all this but still vote for strike action. This is a democracy that we live in and workers are perfectly entitled to strike as long as they do so within the law. People have fought long and hard for the right to strike and only do so as a last resort. Like all such disputes there are two sides to the story.

  Woolwell 17:56 28 Mar 2011

The BA dispute is slightly different to a lot of others in that the Gatwick crews accepted the new conditions some time ago and it is Heathrow that is affected.

I don't think that anyone on here is saying that all striking is incorrect. However sometimes it isn't the wisest course of action.

  Forum Editor 18:45 28 Mar 2011

into another of those threads, let's stop any bickering right now please.

  WHTDSOB 18:51 28 Mar 2011

8 to 1 in favor.

They have a mandate to strike.

You can always fly with another airline.

  Forum Editor 18:52 28 Mar 2011

is essentially over the issue of the restoration of the travel perks that were withdrawn from staff who went on strike in the November 2009 dispute.

The Union wants the perks restored in full, and BA doesn't want to do it. Unite also wants arbitration through Acas of all cabin crew disciplinary cases related to the dispute, and restoration of pay to those who were genuinely sick during the dispute.

Now it seems to me that there is room for negotiation here, particularly over the travel perks. The other issues could in fact be dealt with by arbitration - ACAS is good at that.

  WHTDSOB 18:55 28 Mar 2011

That is what it needs. A bit of give and take from both sides.

  Forum Editor 19:28 28 Mar 2011

Why do you think that we can see that when they (apparently) can't?

It's the reason that ACAS was set up. People who are close to a dispute are often unable to back off and contemplate a compromise; they're too entrenched in their own positions to see what to outsiders seems glaringly obvious. Give and take - it makes winners of us all.

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