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Buying an Electronic Weather Forecasting Device

  morddwyd 08:33 26 Oct 2015

I'm looking to replace my weather "forecaster" , but don't seem to be able to find any.

Plenty avaialable on-line, of course, but what sort of shop sells them these days, so that I can do some "hands on" ?

Used to able to find them in opticians, but those days are long gone

  Forum Editor 10:54 26 Oct 2015


"...if you're going out for the day you want to know what the weather is likely to be 20 to 100 miles away."

In that case, my phone or iPad can tell me in 30 seconds.

I can understand that there's a fun factor in having a home weather station, but it isn't going to tell me about the weather twenty miles away, never mind 100 miles.

  muddypaws 11:14 26 Oct 2015

Also try Accuweather website. You can add locations and the 'Minute Cast' is very accurate. ie No rain for 120 mins or rain in 10 minutes etc.

  oresome 12:25 26 Oct 2015

I have seen them in Aldi.

The majority probably get sold the week of the offer, but stragglers can sometimes be in store for several weeks, often discounted. Not worth a special journey unless they are advertised that week.

  morddwyd 19:25 26 Oct 2015

I do have a 55 year old barometer, though only aneroid, and I do use both the Met Office and BBC forecasts.

As has been said, it's the fun factor, and also the electronic ones usually give trends and history.

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