Button may leave Brawn for McLaren

  TopCat® 16:22 23 Oct 2009

It's often said that money is the main 'driver' in most sports today. I am sorry to read that Button may now be leaving Brawn, the team that helped him become F1 world champion. Having attained that title with all the team's help, it seems Brawn would struggle to pay the high price Button wants to continue driving with them.

What a shame it is that loyalty tends to go out of the window where money is concerned. TC. click here

  Clapton is God 16:29 23 Oct 2009

"What a shame it is that loyalty tends to go out of the window where money is concerned"

And if someone offered you substantially more money to move from your current job to a similar job with a different employer what would you do?

  TopCat® 16:39 23 Oct 2009

more than the money, at least for another season to help Brawn really get on their feet. Button is young enough to forfeit the time and if I were him, I'd do all I could to help them as they undoubtably did for him. TC.

  Kevscar1 18:27 23 Oct 2009

Remember he took a 5 Mill pay cut to drive for them last year. It's only reasonable for him to expect a substanial rise for the bext season

  bremner 18:36 23 Oct 2009

There has never been loyalty or sentimentality in F1 and it works both ways.

Frank Williams dumped Damon Hill immediately after he won the World title with them.

F1 drivers have a short career and risk their lives. If Brawn can't or won't pay Button the going rate then why should he not maximise his earnings potential.

  interzone55 20:14 23 Oct 2009

Raikkonen will be upset about this, because he's supposed to be moving to McLaren when the Alonso takes his Ferrari seat...

  Stuartli 00:09 24 Oct 2009

Perhaps Jenson thinks the pay is buttons at Brawn?

Sentiment is all very well, but it doesn't stop footballers moving for a bigger pay packet.

Life at the top in sport is very short lived and, much as we may feel loyalty is important, sports stars are basically employees and seek to maximise their income potential during that period.

That's the point also made by Clapton is God, but in our case we don't have to pay agents a substantial proportion of our annual income.

  rdave13 00:35 24 Oct 2009

Hopefully he will. About time he gets a good car to drive.

  I am Spartacus 01:05 24 Oct 2009

Given a choice between £2M and £10M my loyalty would be severely tested:o)

  crosstrainer 12:16 24 Oct 2009

That it's not about money....It's the nature of the car he would get next season from Brawn, and is concerned that it won't be competitive enough.

Mind you, Mclaren were not exactly quick this year were they?

  interzone55 12:19 24 Oct 2009

"About time he gets a good car to drive"


Brawn won both the Drivers and Manufacturers titles this year, which makes me think they had the best car and McLaren didn't...

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