Si_L 14:27 26 Oct 2008

Has anyone here tried their hand at busking?

I'm thinking about taking my guitar and mike into the town centre for an hour or so sometime. I have checked with my council and they said it was ok, so no worries there.

Is there anyone here who doesn't like buskers?

I'll be interested to hear everyones views on this.

  Brumas 14:39 26 Oct 2008

Whilst in Fort William we heard a young chap playing the banjo (my favourite instrument) it brought tears to our eyes as he sang, The Green Fields of France, Fields of Athenry etc.

What I am trying to say is, if you have a good voice,a good selection of material which shows it off and can play your chosen instrument well then people will enjoy your efforts.

  peter99co 14:42 26 Oct 2008

My first sight of Buskers performing was during the 50's outside the Empire in Nottingham. They used to entertain the queues waiting for the theatre to open. Great people.

You may be interested in this link.

click here

I have enjoyed Buskers in Edinburgh and Portsmouth
At least if you don't like what you hear or see you can walk away.

Enjoy yourself and maybe you will hold a crowd.

  Condom 16:20 26 Oct 2008

In my home town there are often many buskers and the quality of many is outstanding. You do get the occasional bad one but I think they soon get the message. One of my favourites is a band from "Bolivia" playing the pan pipes and hearing this sound wafting round the town centre of a freezing cold day would warm the cockles of anyone's heart.

If your any good go for it.

  citadel 16:37 26 Oct 2008

there are a lot more in my area, 99% of foreign origin.

  oresome 17:35 26 Oct 2008

I often walk around York on a Sunday and the buskers add to the appeal of the city for me.

  Forum Editor 19:19 26 Oct 2008

into the London Underground stations was the best decision for many years - they have breathed new life into what were drab and gloomy places.

Good luck with your busking, but be prepared for the inevitable 'get a real job' comments. Ignore them and press on.

  laurie53 19:22 26 Oct 2008

Don't mind buskers but it is sometimes good to get away from pipers (up here) and the usual caterwauling to a portable amp and hear a couple of music students with a violin and woodwind.

As for "Manuel & his Music of the Mountains", it's the one and only thing which will make me turn on my heel and walk the other way, or straight out of the shopping centre!

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:29 26 Oct 2008

For the best in busking, go to Bath.

The standard there is often superb with a variety of acts performing.

I remember seeing a juggler, in Bath, on a very tall unicycle, who's skill was amazing.

  Si_L 20:32 26 Oct 2008

There is a bagpiper in Bedford, he is good but I will never understand the appeal of that instrument. I'm quite happy with my acoustic guitar!

Mr Mistoffelees: I can juggle and unicycle, I should try and put the two together!

  Legolas 20:54 26 Oct 2008

I once saw a full band, guitars, drums, singer etc in the underground station at Piccadilly Circus or it might have been Trafalgar Square...anyway they were very good and helped by the acoustics. I seem to remember they had an amp but no idea where they got the power from...well it was more than 20 years ago.

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