Business forum but no gaming forum?

  wolfie3000 12:18 07 Feb 2008

I just noticed the business forum on this site but am at a loss as to why its been setup?

I am sure there are many more gamers on this site than business users, so why no gaming section?

I know this question has been asked alot and the usual answer is that the forum once had a gaming section but it was taken off due to lack of popularity.

Can we at least have a vote on whether we can have one or not?

  Marko797 12:32 07 Feb 2008

and one which crossed my mind.

I think the FE might respond that it was tried a while ago, but had very limted success and was therefore closed off. There was however a recent post on this very subject, but I think the conclusion was that it would only be of interest to a limited number of subscribers.

It might eventually prove to be the case with the business one. It's a 'suck it and see' thing.

I for one would support a gaming forum wolfie!

  Marko797 12:37 07 Feb 2008
  donki 12:45 07 Feb 2008

Ohhhhh this HOT potato again, have to say I agree with wolfie. Since my post back then there has been a Mobile Forum (which seems VERY quiet) and the new business one.

  lisa02 12:58 07 Feb 2008

I'd like a Gaming Forum too.

There's 10 forums already... one more can't hurt.

  babybell 13:05 07 Feb 2008

I would like a gaming forum too, one to vent my excitement on GTA IV that is soon for release!!!

  Marko797 13:15 07 Feb 2008

the level of response to this thread, and what FE has to say. Fingers crossed everyone!

  TopCat® 13:21 07 Feb 2008

If memory serves me correct then I believe the FE said, late last year, that some forum changes were in the pipeline for this year. Gaming is a increasingly popular pastime today so we could be lucky.

By the way, I propose wolfie3000 be promoted to moderator of it! :o) TC.

  FungusBoggieman 13:37 07 Feb 2008

maybe if we show the FE that there are loads of gamers using this forum he may change his mind fingers x
come on gamers put your hands up

me for 1

  donki 13:42 07 Feb 2008

My hand is waving about in the air as we speak, tell me when i can put it down! :P

  Marko797 13:50 07 Feb 2008

whilst we're talkin 'games', that I eventually finished Far Cry (cue fanfare)!!
Had the game for years (I think it came out in 2004) but cud not get past a certain point in the game. To say it was buggin' me is putting it politely. However, the amazing happened, and sanity restored.

On a similar theme, also completed Halflife2 Episode 2. Great 2nd part of the episodic trilogy, and looking fwd to the final instalment.

Also completed FEAR Perseus Mandate, which was a great game too, although I haven't completed the bonus games/levels which you get once you have completed the PM game. There's no 'save' facility! Apparently there's a new one coming out later this year.

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