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Burglar stabbed to death!

  Autoschediastic 14:55 23 Jun 2011

Having been a victim of a terrible burglary some years ago my grandma had just died and we was storing all her pre WW2 and family photos/clothes and personal things, the photos was thrown out on the garden where it rained all night and they was unrecoverable! that hurt more than the things they took, I lost absolutely everything they even took my socks? and my suits?

i had been staying away for the night and my mother (I was living with her for a month) had stayed out for the night so no one was at home, we left the tv on curtains closed and lights on basically what a lot of people do and they ripped the kitchen window off its frame costing us quite a bit, i had also just lost my job and we couldnt afford the insurance for the house so really the burglar couldnt of picked a worse time to hit us!

After having a solid tipoff i took his binbags from his wheelie bin and found some of my things like my ID so i called the police and they said they knew of the guy he was known for aggravated burglaries and had just got out of prison for beating up a 85 year old man up he was trying to his house, the police stated they would send someone in the next hour to search his house....10 years later i am STILL waiting?? no call back from the police no knock on the door...

I hope the person who was in this house who was living here doesnt get a custodial sentence! IMHO if someone is about to rob another person or burgle a house they simply deserve ALL they get! whilst they may use the "I need the money for drugs" gaffe well there is plenty of people that need money but dont turn to crime...!


  anskyber 15:36 23 Jun 2011

Well, we simply do not know do we? The circumstances of the case are unclear and the owners may have exercised reasonable force to protect themselves or their property.

On the other hand if intruders were not armed then a stabbing would not be regarded as reasonable force and the owner will have committed an offence, perhaps murder or manslaughter.

There could never be a case for deserving all they get as you put it. Action must be proportionate.

  Autoschediastic 15:57 23 Jun 2011

"Four masked men"

I doubt they would of left the house quietly if they where caught! The problem is these kinda burglaries are becoming VERY frequent and i feel very sorry for old people or people that cannot fend for themselves! i think the government needs to class a burglary as a much more serious offense.

And UNLESS you have been a victim of one you simply cannot think or feel how it is to have someone steal so much of your life from you & then have a challenge and a half with the insurance companies...when the police have gone and the insurance has been paid it doesnt end there..

  wee eddie 16:20 23 Jun 2011

I notice that the Householder and his Family have been Arrested but not the Burglars!

The local Police should hang their heads in shame.

And that recommendation, to ring the Emergency Services and wait. Are they being serious, you'll be lucky to see anyone within 24 hours, assuming the the Masked Men have not already ripped the Phone from your hands anyway.

And what's this about presumed Innocence. It's an easy Arrest that they're going for.

Rant over. Many years ago I was burgled and they trashed the house, destroying things that were irreplaceable. Including a Rolling Stones Program signed by them, Little Richard and Bo Diddley. Tears were shed, and all they took was some booze.

I'd have shot them, given the chance.

  anskyber 16:23 23 Jun 2011

"The three people with the stabbed man at the time of the incident have yet to be traced", is the reason the intruders have not been arresred.

  bremner 16:34 23 Jun 2011

I think the government needs to class a burglary as a much more serious offense.

Burglary carries a maximum 14 year sentence. Aggravated burglary carries a maximum life sentence.

How much more serious can it be?

  Housten 16:54 23 Jun 2011


I don't care whether the thugs/burglars were in the house or not, the fact is they were on the bloke's property, end of story. As far as I am concerned these thugs should have their 'human rights' transferred to the householder, and if he so chooses to commit suicide then that is OK by me!! These scum do not care what damage - physical or otherwise - they cause so why should we worry about any and all damage caused to them? I know many people will say we should treat these people with care as they sometimes come from broken homes. WHY?? This is a gross insult to a lot of people who have come from broken homes but have strived and saved for many years to better themselves and a lot of people who have just worked hard and saved what they could.

alan14 says that "What needs to be made clear is that yes, we should be able to protect our own property, but that does not mean bringing death & destruction upon anyone who crosses your doorway...". OK some will say my rant above is wrong but I say that until we can sleep safe in our beds - and yes I do include the police within this - then I have no qualms about doing anything to anyone who tries to any damage to my wife, our house or myself. If it results in the person(s) concerned getting damaged then so what? The police are only interested in easy arrests which is why the houehold was arrested, when they are found not guilty what will the police say? It's too late to go after the thugs, we're sorry for not going after them earlier but we had arrested these people and, as far as we were concerned, the case was closed. One day - unfortunately, maybe never, we will get a police force back though I don't think it will be for many, many years.

  Autoschediastic 18:36 23 Jun 2011


"Burglary carries a maximum 14 year sentence. Aggravated burglary carries a maximum life sentence, How much more serious can it be?"

And how many of these scum do we see been dished out the maximum sentences? i bet i could write the number on a 1st class stamp..

  wee eddie 14:05 24 Jun 2011

On the other hand, is not the wearing of some form of Mask, a threat in itself.

Would not anyone be reasonable in thinking that the invasion of their Home by a number of masked men, in some way threatening.

I would find it very frightening as one would have no idea of their intention, burglary, rape or murder, until after they had departed. And don't forget; it is not only females that can be raped.

  Autoschediastic 14:44 24 Jun 2011

"Wee Eddie" i'm wiht you on this one!

use of reasonable force? what is that EXACTLY? i mean if i was getting burgled and i went d/stairs and saw four masked men robbing me i wouldnt stand a chance against all them and i am a big guy! (20 Stone) so the thought of using a weapon would come into my mind! IF they fled i would still try to get one of them for the police, One of my best friends is american and i sent him this story yesterday his reply was simple "If i saw i was been robbed they know what dangers they are in by burgling someone he said he would simply shoot them dead! then they are no longer a threat to anyone else! and not costing the tax payer thousands..

  lotvic 18:05 24 Jun 2011

Are we supposed to interview prospective burglars to assess the threat before any defensive action can be taken?

I believe that if you are in fear for your life or injury then any action on your part is justified - inside or outside premises.

As for weapons, hands and feet and head butting can be classed as weapons in my opinion.

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