The Bukha Banned!

  Autoschediastic 14:30 07 Jan 2010

Does this sound the right thing to do.?

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  tullie 14:35 07 Jan 2010

It is if thats what they want.

  Grey Goo 14:47 07 Jan 2010

Perhaps this is why France is no.1 in the "quality of life" index and we, under Moron Clown come in at no.25
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  hssutton 15:03 07 Jan 2010

IMO the whole of the EU should follow suit.

  Seth Haniel 15:17 07 Jan 2010

when we visit their countries - so they should do likewise in ours

  interzone55 16:28 07 Jan 2010

I'm sure the millions of people dumped into the ghettos around Paris have a very different opinion - but they won't have been asked...

  Al94 16:35 07 Jan 2010

Excellent point Seth Haniel - spot on! I believe it's quite aimple, our custom is for the face to be fully visible, if you don't like it, don't come here.

  DieSse 16:42 07 Jan 2010

"I've heard some very well-educated Muslim women say they believe it increases their freedom because it allows them to be who they are intellectually rather than simply a physical object."

Possibly because many cultures where Islam is common will only regard them like that - a sad commentary that they feel that way.

"...millions of people dumped into the ghettos around Paris..."

MILLIONS in ghettoes around Paris - why don't I believe that?

  interzone55 16:56 07 Jan 2010

Read up on the Paris Riots of 2005...

  interzone55 17:03 07 Jan 2010

Our culture does not like talking to people with their faces covered, for some reason we don't trust them. In Islamic cultures it's much the opposite.

If you are a beautiful woman most people automatically assume your looks compensate for a lack of brain power.
If your face is not visible anyone you talk to does so with no preconceptions of your looks or mental agility.
Do not assume that just because a woman wears a burkha she is being oppressed by her husband...

  bri-an 17:06 07 Jan 2010

"...our custom is for the face to be fully visible"

So Mr Cameron will not be able to 'hug a hoodie' any more?
Our youth seem to have their own customs of hiding their features with parkas, caps and scarves etc - will they all be banned?

To take it further, what about a man sporting a WG Grace beard and dark tinted glasses?
Again, lawyers will love it!!

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