building survey, recommendations?

  rickf 16:59 21 Jun 2010

I wonder if anyone here can recommend, from personal experience, a reasonably priced surveyor in Oxford. I am in the process of buying a property there. Thanks. Been quoted £900 so far, seems a tad too expensive to me.

  MAT ALAN 17:07 21 Jun 2010

click here

some good info here, including the advice to get several quotes...

  Forum Editor 19:17 21 Jun 2010

It's fraught with potential problems. MAT ALAN's link seems to be fairly helpful, and I can confirm that £900 isn't an unreasonable figure for a full building survey on an average house in Oxford.

You'll undoubtedly be able to find someone cheaper if you shop around, and remember that a good surveyor can save you a lot of trouble later, so don't let price be your only guiding principle.

  john 52 19:56 21 Jun 2010

I would suggest you get an indication of how the survey would be conducted !!presented to you!!and how long it will take!!
To many surveys are written were the surveyor is more concerned about covering his back than providing you with a full factual report on the condition of the property .just find out before he commences what type of points he will he cover with his survey

  rickf 21:30 21 Jun 2010

Many thanks guys

  Forum Editor 22:56 21 Jun 2010

A full building survey will be just that - a comprehensive report on the state of the building at the time of the survey.

How long it takes isn't important, it's the content that interests you. As for the surveyor 'covering his back' - that's precisely what he'll do, and rightly so. Surveyors don't have x-ray vision, so all survey reports will contain phrases such as 'as far as could be determined' and 'the condition of the roof is consistent with its age'.

That's done because there will be aspects of the structure and sub-structure that cannot be fully inspected during a survey, especially if someone is living in the property being inspected. People don't take kindly to someone else's surveyor pulling up their carpets, or lifting floorboards to look at wiring or pipes, so don't expect that to happen.

A full building survey will contain more than enough information for you to know what you're buying, and what may be required in the way of remedial work should you go ahead with the purchase. Your suveyor will arm you with knowledge, so you can negotiate a reduction in the purchase price to cover any major and/or urgent repairs.

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