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  Bingalau 18:19 21 Mar 2012

A few years ago this forum would have a bit of a ding dong going about the latest budget. So far today Nothing. So I will put my halfpenny worth in. Is it right that us poor pensioners are punished? After all, most of us are the ones who kept this country going through the bad times and some of us even through the last war. (anticipating Brumas, I wasn't in the Boer war or the first World war).

What annoys me is that young 14 and 15 year old girls can still purposely have a child so that they can live off the state for free. Surely something could and should be done to stop this shameful practice.

  Quickbeam 18:27 21 Mar 2012

The give away element from various governments over the years has never been enough to make a noticeable difference in my pocket.

The take element also has never made too much of a noticeable difference as I only consume moderately.

So for me it's a big non-event.

As regards the lifestyle single mothers, I think the only solution to that is workhouses.

  birdface 18:27 21 Mar 2012

No use arguing today when we new yesterday what was going to happen.

Must be the worst kept secret ever of any Budget.

  badgery 19:14 21 Mar 2012

I would hope that pensioners will have long enough memories to influence their voting at the next election.

Or maybe that's Gideon's brilliant idea - most of them will become too senile to even remember what he did today!! But, hey, as long as a few top people will pay more on their £2million mansions , then we are 'all in this together' - aren't we??.

  Forum Editor 19:22 21 Mar 2012

"What annoys me is that young 14 and 15 year old girls can still purposely have a child so that they can live off the state for free. Surely something could and should be done to stop this shameful practice."

Fewer than two out of every hundred single parents are teenagers, the average age of a single parent is just over 38 years.

There are around 2 million single parent families in Britain, a figure that has remained fairly constant for the past fifteen years or so, and over half of all single parents are working.

  Aitchbee 19:51 21 Mar 2012

Osbourne has just 'massaged' or 'jingled' the loose change in his pockets, but has actually did nothing to encourage job creation or real economic growth...I should have been an MP ;o]

  Aitchbee 20:03 21 Mar 2012

...and why have you GREEN-ticked your post, Bingalau, after a couple of hours?

  Bingalau 20:12 21 Mar 2012

FE. I must assume then that those 2% of teenage mothers are all living in the Merseyside area. Because I know of at least six of them. Furthermore they are quite happy to state that they got pregnant for that very purpose. What was the figure of single parent families prior to the last fifteen years? For instance, thirty years ago when young girls weren't so promiscuous and didn't want a free house (which they get now at the drop of a hat... or other item of clothing) and a free income?

I can't speak for the rest of the senior citizens of this country, but I for one will not be voting for the Lib-Dems (sorry Paddy) or for the Conservatives, unless they pull their respective fingers out of their ears and listen to and aid the poorly paid Senior Citizens. (Incidentally, "I'm o.k. Jack" as I have other pensions coming in. But once again I know pensioners who can hardly make ends meet). I'm on their side.

(The Paddy I refer to is of course a comrade in arms, Lord Ashdown). In the past I have tended to vote for the Liberal party, not because of Lord Ashdown but because I have always wanted the underdog to win in any walk of life. I shall now be having a re-think. Pity we pensioners can't have are-vote!

At our weekly get together in the Naval Club tomorrow, when the ladies are having their Bingo session. If 65 is called out they usually all mutter together "We lucky pensioners" I wouldn't mind betting that tomorrow the muttering will be changed to "We unlucky pensioners".

  Bingalau 20:18 21 Mar 2012

AitchBEE. It saves me forgetting to tick it at all, which a lot of people seem to do on these forums as mentioned elsewhere.

fourm member. If you can't figure it out for yourself, then you are obviously not a pensioner awaiting a slight rise every year to cope with galloping inflation.

  morddwyd 20:39 21 Mar 2012

It's all a bit complicated for me, so I tend to go by the BBC "analysts".

Couples on £100K will get child benefit, the average pensioner will lose £26 a year.

Probably over simplified, but that's what they said.

  lotvic 20:45 21 Mar 2012

FE "There are around 2 million single parent families in Britain"

Does that figure include widows/widowers and divorced parents?

I know for a fact that widows become classed as single parent for claiming Benefits.

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