Budget promises ultrafast broadband for UK cities

  simonjary 13:32 21 Mar 2012

The Chancellor says that the UK government will fund ultrafast broadband and Wi-Fi in 10 largest cities, and spend £50m on the smaller cities, too.

  Aitchbee 13:41 21 Mar 2012

This Tory Government breaks it's shallow promises, ultraquick, also.

  Grey Goo 14:04 21 Mar 2012

Would you care to elucidate?

  al's left peg 15:50 21 Mar 2012

Hold on while I look up what elucidate means !!!!

  spuds 16:06 21 Mar 2012

I seem to recall Tony Blair stating that everyone in the country would have super-fast broadband, when and while he was in power?.

  birdface 18:44 21 Mar 2012


We Have but only if you are with Virginmedia.

This day and age you would think it should be easy enough to get it through our TV aerial now that we use digital Tv.Then it would be available to all.

  lotvic 18:54 21 Mar 2012

When the Chancellor said they would fund it - don't suppose there's any chance he meant that they would pay our ISP monthly charge? 8->

  Forum Editor 18:59 21 Mar 2012


Is there any chance of you responding to the substance of the thread, rather than just posting some knee-jerk, politically biased waffle?

  Aitchbee 19:32 21 Mar 2012

FE - it was definitely a knee-jerk reaction on my part...but I will believe it, when I see it, actually happening.

  Aitchbee 19:41 21 Mar 2012

...and it'll have to good and cheap, to persuade me to give up my 'dial-up' connection.

  morddwyd 20:42 21 Mar 2012

Every government seems to trot this out every three months or so, but nothing ever seems to happen.

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