Budget day today

  Terry Brown 09:36 29 Nov 2011

I believe today is the day we have all been waiting for, when 'SANTA' shows us his bag of goodies.

Sorry- I was dreaming, it is the day when we show him all our goodies and then he decides how much he wants this time.

I've heard about getting blood from a stone, but how much more can he take?. I know it is bad because I work in a multinational group and some of the immigrants who come in about 5 years ago are complaining about the 'NEW' immigrants are getting everything and they are losing out.


  anskyber 14:29 29 Nov 2011

Well it might as well have been a budget because it contained budget type announcements.

Like it or not a statement predicated on there being no recession in Europe is brave or foolhardy. A 0.7% growth in the economy next year is perilously close to a double dip recession and I suggest it is more than likely as the truth about recession in Europe becomes clear.

This statement looks very like a backtrack from the debt reduction promises made only in the last budget this year. The chancellor has only offered mild anaesthesia to deep and painful surgery.

  Flak999 15:08 29 Nov 2011

At least pension benefits are being uprated in line with CPI! Nice 5.2% rise for poor pensioners in April. :-)

  robgf 19:33 29 Nov 2011

What I don't understand, is why they didn't increase the pension age sooner, surely raising it to 66 next year would save a fortune and then raise it to 67 a couple of years later.

65 year olds will probably grumble a bit, but it's only a year, which at that age whizzes by. ;)

  Snec 19:37 29 Nov 2011

"Saying it would go a long way to making it happen."

Based on things he has already said I find it hard to imagine that anything he says now will make much difference to anything.

  spuds 19:50 29 Nov 2011


At least it appears to be a better gesture than Gordon Brown's 75p per week increase for pensioners a few years back?.

  Flak999 22:09 29 Nov 2011


At least it appears to be a better gesture than Gordon Brown's 75p per week increase for pensioners a few years back?.

Indeed it does! I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies?

  Quickbeam 07:21 30 Nov 2011

We're screwed, we've been screwed for a few years now and look like being screwed for a few more yet. When the countries best(?) financial people can't see an end to the depression, then we're Royally screwed.

Well that's my lay view on it, I don't see that it's necessary to dress it up any fancier than that. I've still got some reserve notches on my belt... I will survive.

  anskyber 08:33 30 Nov 2011

*He simply can't come out and say he thinks the Eurozone will fall apart. Saying it would go a long way to making it happen. *

Indeed but rather like the Bank of England it should be possible to work within ranges and speak accordingly otherwise there will be yet more egg on face (if that is possible) when in March the Budget has to get real.

From the trumpeting of turning things around by the next election to predicting what should happen in the first two years of a new government is quite a climb down and it all cannot be blamed on Europe.

  Bingalau 08:49 30 Nov 2011

Hey folks it's only money. I remember a bloke who was high up in Parliament telling us we had never had it so good. At that time we were well and truly in the doldrums, so I am of the opinion that the more things change the more they stay as they are.

I honestly can't remember when we have not been inundated by bad news from the doom-mongers. The thirties were bad I believe, I just can't recall how bad it was because I was a child and only remember the good things such as fighting with my brothers over who was going to have the privilege of licking out the jam jar, when it had already been scraped clean by mum. Slicing a Mars bar in eight pieces because that was a sort of weekly ritual treat on Sunday afternoons. So I assume we must have been hard up.

The forties were a piece of cake of course with just a war to contend with and all it brought with it such as death and taxes. We were lucky in only losing one member of the family who went down on one of the many ships lost (HMS Hood). Then of course there was rationing of almost everything food sweets and clothing etc. Rationing was probably a good thing in as much as we didn't have obese people in the country until the effects of gluttony set in after the war, probably the late fifties. I think that was when were told we had never had it so good. Maybe that McMillan fella got it right after all.

The fifties were the years taxes and things increased dramatically and of course although the average civilian didn't worry about it we were once again plunged in to war in Korea. I think there has only been one year since WW2 that our servicemen haven't been involved in warfare somewhere in the world.

The sixties are the years everyone of a certain age remembers as a sort of golden age. I think that's when the country really went down the Swanee. Too much freedom and lack of respect.

You can all remember the years since then and there hasn't been a decade where we haven't been told to tighten our belts and I can never ever remember inflation going down, or even standing still.

What I can't understand is where all these people get their money from to overload their shopping trolleys until they can hardly push them to their waiting Jags and Mercs?

So we will just have to keep moaning about our lot, whilst stuffing our gobs with Treacle puds and Jam roly-poly. Myself? Well I will be quite honest I consider myself well off. I am satisfied with my meagre pension and what I have got and what I have accomplished in this life of austerity which I have struggled and suffered through. I am convinced that we might be better off if we all stopped grumbling and tried to help other people who are worse off than we are.

I do wonder when this government are going to stop blaming the previous one for all the bad things that are happening now. I think they are pushing things a bit far. Surely some of the things are their fault?

"Rant over" I will now go and enjoy my bowl of gruel and hope Christmas doesn't arrive this year... "Bah-Humbug etc.

  Quickbeam 09:45 30 Nov 2011

Well, that's put in our place!

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