Budget Day

  [email protected] 08:18 21 Mar 2007

Well its that time again when "Stalinist Brown" gives us all the price increases yet again as if we havent seen enough of this already "Without" the Budget,no doubt ciggarettes/alcohol/petrol will go up a few pence make very little differance to a LOW user i think but to a high user its another nail in the coffin as its put...
anyone got any ideas on prices...

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  The Brigadier 08:30 21 Mar 2007

If you smoke, drink & drive a big car then you will get hit hard by Gordon.
If you dont smoke, yoy cycle everywhere and dont own a car then this budget is for you!
A few pence up on Beer, spirts, wine & petrol.
30p+ on a pack of fags.
This budget will be a 'green' budget to make Gordon look good before becoming PM!!

  Monoux 08:47 21 Mar 2007

I'm afraid I think most politicians are the same--they feather their own nests and we pay for it again and again.

  royalflush 08:52 21 Mar 2007

Thought i would sly this in...Love him/hate him this is intresting indeed,98% of the post's are Negative towards GB....Speaks for itself

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  Jak_1 10:21 21 Mar 2007

What would be a refreshing change is if duty on fuel was lowered, VAT increased on processed foods with a saturated fat content above a certain percentage, to offset the loss of revenue on fuel. It would be a step towards a healthier diet. Duty on tobacco I can live with even though I am a smoker.
Also a pledge that all politicians keep their pay rises to the rate of inflation (Pipe dream!.
A penny on a pint of beer I can live with also long as the breweries do not, as they usually do, stick a rise on of their own at the same time, usually 5 to 10 pence.
Time we had an increase of personal allowances too.

  provider 2 10:33 21 Mar 2007

Just as long as he doesn`t decide to slap road tax on my old Jaguar.
It does only 50 miles a year and contributes very little to global warming.

  crosstrainer 10:44 21 Mar 2007

You are so right, politics in this country is all about how much money the MP's can make...no social aspects here at all no difference between Labour or Conservative camps (died in the wool Tony benn camp of proper social labour policies...killed off by a certain person whose name I refuse to grace my typing with)

  johndrew 11:06 21 Mar 2007

`If you smoke, drink & drive a big car ...`

Given the past record of this Chancellor, breathing could soon attract a tax; pretty much every other necessity does - including ceasing to breathe!!!!!

And he missed a whopping opportunity with gas and electricity; we only pay 5% VAT he could standardise the rate!!!!

  Monoux 11:44 21 Mar 2007

johndrew --"And he missed a whopping opportunity with gas and electricity; we only pay 5% VAT he could standardise the rate!!!!"


There's still time for him to see your post and throw that at us later today and you can bet it won't be the 17.5% down to 5%. :o)

  Cymro. 12:10 21 Mar 2007

Someone said that death and taxation were inevitable. So all chancellors of

whatever party put extra on such things as tobacco, alcohol, petrol, etc.

We all moan and groan that there is never any money for anything , so

where is a chancellor

expected to get the money from if not from taxation. As for extra

road tax on such things as big 4x4s I have no sympathy for the

owners of such things as most of them are bought as a status symbol

only. If someone can find the money to buy such things then they

can probably afford to pay the extra road tax.

  royalflush 12:27 21 Mar 2007

Cymro i find it hard to belive that you nod your head in teh face of madness...as if its not obvious enough that we are all getting hammered with tax,i repsect your post & agree hat the money has to come from somewhere so wheres all the money going from the billions of pounds tax increases we already have...? & all the tax from buying food/petrol/council tax (As it all dont go back into society) ect


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